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The Tatler Bar has curated an exquisite collection of spirits and gift sets to surprise dad on his special day

Additional reporting by Dudi Aureus.

Father’s Day is just around the corner and The Tatler Bar is here to help you find the perfect presents this year. We have put together a list of the most exclusive whiskies and rum gift sets that will surely put a smile on his face. Let's drink to that! 

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1. Hampden 8 Year Old Rum Gift Set with Riedel Glasses

This bottle of rum is a true representation of Jamaica, where it was aged for eight years—and that is equivalent to 25 maturation years in European climates. It holds the flavours, weight and aromas of the tropics—intense on the nose with fresh aromas of bananas, pineapples and orange zest, and surprising on the palate with complex layers of ginger, clove, coconut and guava. It finishes strong with a viscous texture layered with characters of sugar cane, coffee and ripe fruits. The set comes with a pair of Riedel cocktail glasses.


2. Plantation Rum Experience Gift Set

Your rum-loving dad will surely appreciate this set of six 100ml bottles showcasing the best of the Plantation range. These are 3 Stars White, Original Dark, Peru 2004, Guatemala and Belize Gran Anejo, Barbados Grande Reserve and 20th Anniversary XO. Each one represents the distillery’s distinct flavours and styles.  


3. Glenfarclas 25 Year Old

If you and your dad bond over a post-dinner drink after a long and busy day, this single malt Scotch whisky will do this memorable moment justice. It is an absolute classic that is matured in 100 per cent Oloroso sherry casks; this enriches the liquid with expressions of gingerbread and nutty chocolate, and finishing touches of oak, menthol, cocoa and butter. Its refined taste has earned it the prestigious gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2019.


4. Kilchoman Machir Bay + 2 Glasses Set

Named after one of the most amazing west coast beaches of Islay, this peated single malt from the Kilchoman distillery carries the island’s characteristics and sprinkled with tropical and floral complexities. It owes its taste and golden colour to spending time in ex-bourbon and Oloroso sherry casks, and each sip is a revelation of tropical fruits and dried raisins mingled with aromas of vanilla biscuits, peat smoke and citrus.  


5. Nikka Coffey Malt

Nikka is considered one of the legacy whisky brands in Japan and is famed for stellar offerings such as this Coffey Malt. It is legendary thanks to Irish inventor and distiller Aeneas Coffey, who changed the game from innovating column stills to increase efficiency to producing whiskies that are made from 100 per cent malted barley. This pale gold full-bodied liquid commemorates his contribution to the whisky world; it has caramel and fudge aromas as well as a creamy texture interspersed with the nuttiness of pecan and macadamia. The finale is an explosion of flavours varying from cocoa nibs and chocolate custard to cinnamon, clove and nutmeg spices.


6. Royal Salute 21 Year Old Signature Blend

Originally created in 1953 to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne, this latest bottling marks the 69th coronation of the Queen and makes for an even more special present for dad. Aged for 21 years to mark the 21 Gun Salute fired during celebrations, the exquisite expression boasts aromas of summer fruits and flowers, with hints of sherry and smoke. These deepen into sweet orange marmalade and a peppering of spices and hazelnuts that ends with sweet and fruity flavours.


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