Movement control order (MCO) got you feeling high & dry? Tracia Chan & Jack Lai, two bartenders in their twenties, are adapting to Malaysia's present situation by personally delivering handcrafted cocktails from Dissolved Solids in Damansara Kim to housebound tipplers

Dissolved Solids, which feels more like a friend's studio than a stuffy speakeasy, took me by surprise the first time I swung by, mostly because it feels so unlike the majority of watering holes on the Klang Valley. What it does remind me of is my mother's hometown of Penang, where things are set at a slower pace and conversations between the staff and customers extend beyond the habitual, "What can I get you?" or "Can I please have...?"

Although Tracia Chan, one-half of Dissolved Solids, is a solid cook (I once inhaled her pasta arrabbiata with freshly picked herbs after several rounds of drinks), she and her partner Jack Lai welcome outside food, which is also quite unusual; most practice the mindset of 'mine versus theirs.'

The couple, who largely sustain themselves through events, were—like many others in the food and beverage industry—at a loss as to how to cut their losses in these turbulent times. A prime example of millennial ingenuity, Chan and Lai have decided to take their wide range of beverages, from midday cappuccinos to Negroni nightcaps, directly to their consumers until March 31, 2020.


Taste Test

A concern of mine was that the cocktails would be too watered down by the time they arrived; I'd imaged something akin to ice coffee in plastic cups. As it turns out, Dissolved Solids separates their cocktails from their ice. Garnishes (if there are any) come in tiny sealable plastic bags. The assembly process is a no-brainer: simply combines the two or three components. Provided they haven't other deliveries, Chan and Lai will indulge you if you prefer them to fix your drink(s) on the spot.

Something Classic:

Start with a classic cocktail to better appreciate how well their drinks travel. The Negroni (RM38) and the Old Fashioned (RM42) stores well for up to a year; regardless of the movement control order, these are staples I want in my refrigerator at all times!

Special mention goes out to DS's glass bottles with youthful labels personally designed by Chan. Cool enough to be collectibles, the Negroni bottle depicts Count Camillo Negroni in his signature top hat, whereas the Old Fashioned is marked by old-timey icons and a flowering citrus plant.

Something Unique:

Combining coffee liqueur with Gouda cheese, vanilla, and white peach, the cocktail called Too Gouda Be True may sound strange until you consider the litany of boba beverages topped with cheese foam. "Why Gouda as opposed to other cheeses?" Chan chews on my question. "Because it was aged for 26 months and has fruity tasting notes—like apricot with nuts. The cocktail would be flat or monotonous otherwise. Adding the cheese gives it more depth and flavour complexity."

Dissolved Solids' Delivery Menu


Delivery Window:

Monday & Thurday: 3-11:45pm
Tueday - Wednesday Closed
Friday - Sunday: 12pm-11:45pm

*Prebookings are recommended to avoid dissapointment.
**Distances over 10km are subject to a delivery fee of RM10.

Pickup Address & Contacts:

Dissolved Solids | 43-1, Jalan SS 20/11, Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya | | 017-598 1858.

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