The chef has paired seven exceptional courses with the cognac’s seven icnonic tasting notes to result in one memorable menu, starting this July.


Discover Hennessy X.O Odyssey with Chef Darren Chin

The chef has paired seven exceptional courses with the cognac’s seven iconic tasting notes to result in one memorable menu, starting this July.

By Tien Chew


CHEF DC.jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of Hennessy

Hennessy X.O Odyssey returns in 2017 to once again delight Malaysia's cognac and culinary enthusiasts, this time partnering with Chef Darren Chin of DC Restaurant to provide yet another engaging experience starting July 18.

To embark on this odyssey is to explore the legendary cognac's seven iconic tasting notes of complex flavours and rich countors, made larger-than-life when paired with seven masterfully crafted dishes that pronounces each of these seven notes.

Chef Chin, who has cooked professionally for over 14 years and having trained in France for two years, combines classical French and contemporary techniques to allow quality ingredients to shine on their own.

The result is a cuisine that intrigues the mind, engages the senses and gratifies the palate.

To highlight these seven tasting notes, DC Restaurant will give diners the chance to rediscover Hennessy X.O through a perfect pairing menu that echoes throughout both food and cognac.

Parts of this special feature are interactive. Tap on the icons below to discover more about certain highlights of some dishes.

Sweet Notes - Botan Ebi.jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of Hennessy

Chapter 1 – Sweet Notes

Hennessy X.O Odyssey begins with an exploration of the cognac's sweet notes. The cognac is served on the rocks and is paired with botan ebi (prawn), heirloom tomato granite, konbu, lemon basil and chilli oil.

Chef Chin explains that the first notes that we pick up when drinking Hennessy X.O tends to be the cognac's sweet notes, which for him resembles lightly burnt caramel.

The dish works well because the crustacean itself is already sweet, playing with the natural umami flavours of tomato to further elicit the cognac's sweet notes.

Photo: Courtesy of Hennessy

Chapter 2 – Infinite Echo

Next, diners can discover Hennessy X.O's infinite echo quality through one of the DC Restaraunt's signature offerings, takao cold somen with ogawa bafun uni (sea urchin) and truffle celeriac cream.

A delectable treat, the cold somen and uni combination is extremely delicious, creating an impactful flavour profile that mirrors the cognac's long-lasting impression on the palate for a harmonious interplay of food and drink.

Hennessy X.O is served with a splash of water, enhancing its sensorial impact on the palate when consumed.

Photo: Courtesy of Hennessy

Chapter 3 – Wood Crunches

From Japanese uni to Spanish octopus, the next chapter in this odyssey examines the infuences of wood in both cognac and food. 

Galician octopus with green gazpacho and burnt leeks in dark rye crumbs is paired with Hennessy X.O with warm water, a pairing that truly elicits the dish's and the spirit's wood crunches

The woody influence from the cognac works with the chargrilled leeks and the slightly smoky octopus to create a balanced dish that really wows in terms of taste, delivery and pairing.

Photo: Courtesy of Hennessy

Chapter 4 – Spicy Edge

Breaking things up a little, the restaurant splits the fourth course into two parts, with each playing a role in accentuating Hennessy X.O's spicy notes.

Japanese snow crab is made into a broth infused with herbs from DC's garden, while its meat is served with white asparagus, culantro "Nam Jim" and black summer truffle shavings.

Paired with Hennessy X.O and a splash of water, both dishes are brimming with the crab's natural flavours, made all the more special by a Thai-inspired sauce that draws out the spicy notes of the cognac.

Flowing Flame - Organic Chicken.jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of Hennessy

Chapter 5 – Flowing Flame

To bring home the flowing flame tasting note, organic chicken cooked with bertutu spice and vegetables from the restaurant's farm dressed in vinaigrettes is served with Hennessy X.O and a splash of cold water and ice.

Based on a traditional Indonesian recipe, the spices infused into the chicken pairs well with the cognac, creating a smooth yet consistent rise in flavour that continues with each mouthful.

Rising Heat - Italian Veal Fillet.jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of Hennessy

Chapter 6 – Rising Heat

For the sixth course, Cambodian kampote pepper and a foie gras emulsion lends the milk-poached Italian veal fillet a certain spicy savoury tang that awakens the warm tasting notes of Hennessy X.O when taken neat.

The kampote pepper in the dish helps diners to fully realise the rising spicy nuances of the cognac, resulting in a synergy between cognac and food that warms the body.

Chocolate-Lull---Arabica-coffee-ice-cream.jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of Hennessy

Chapter 7 – Chocolate Lull

The last course contains Arabica coffee ice cream, a spiced hairy banana and lemon chantilly, a dessert lovingly crafted to highlight the chocolate notes dwelling in Hennessy X.O.

According to the Chef, Hennessy X.O goes hand-in-hand with coffee, which is the primary influence behind this dish.

Slightly bitter ice cream contrasted by a spicy sweet banana is served with Hennessy X.O neat, yet another combination that improves the flavours of both food and spirit with each spoonful.

CHEF DC 2.jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of Hennessy

This year's Hennessy X.O Odyssey 2017 dinner at DC Restaurant will be open to the public from July 18 to August 15, every Tuesday to Sunday, at RM888++ per head.

For reservations, kindly contact 03-7731 0502 or 012-223 2991.

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