Cover Dictador Generations en Lalique (Photo: Dictador)

Dictador, acclaimed producer of Colombian aged rum, and Lalique, renowned French crystal-maker, join forces for a collaboration of the century

To pay tribute to the Parra family who have been distilling rum since 1913, Dictador has called upon two generations, master blender Hernan Parra and his father Dario Parra to create a remarkable aged rum. Christened Dictador Generations, this historic blend is made up of a singular selection of 1976 vintages aged in American Oak and Port Casks.

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The bottle and the rum inside represent not just a lifetime of work from myself, but also from my family before me.
Hernan Parra, Master Blender

At first sniff, one is greeted by a medley of tropical fruit, freshly baked banana bread, dried mango and griddled pineapple. Hints of nutmeg and clove are perceived next, followed by a distinct aroma of freshly polished mahogany with a touch of leather

The rich amber elixir hits the palate with notes of dark chocolate, hints of flamed orange peel and clove. Madagascan vanilla is up next, accompanied by a light touch of star anise and nutmeg. Dry oak and rich leather add to Dictador Generations' many layers of complexity, which is finally rounded off by the rich aroma of coffee

Towards the end, expect intense notes of toasted cigar tobacco, dark chocolate and a sweet lingering finish hinting at medjool dates, stewed prunes and plump raisins. 

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The precious liquid is housed in no ordinary bottle but in a crystal decanter that is as much a work of art as it is a worthy vessel for fine rum.

Marc Laminaux, creative director of Lalique, designed the carafe to reflect the magical and mysterious beauty of the Caribbean Sea. The undulating motifs of the carafe represent the turbulent tides of the Caribbean, whilst the clear and satin-polished crystal capture the rays of the sun to bring out the deep amber of the elixir housed within.

The carafe is presented in an elegant handcrafted case featuring fingerprint technology as well as a tempered glass viewing window and under bottle lighting to highlight the distinct amber hue of the aged elixir.

An exclusive series of 300 bottles, each engraved with a unique number, is accompanied by certificate of authentication. Bottle number 0 of 300, "The Proof Bottle", which served as the design for the rest, was auctioned off at Sotheby’s for an incredible amount of £30,000 (about RM172,000). Dictador Generations en Lalique has thus become one of the most valuable rums to have ever been sold at auction.

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