Newly-weds Charles Tiu and Sari Lazaro-Tiu tell us what it's like to start a business during COVID-19

The pandemic, though it may have caused havoc in businesses from all fields, like the food and beverage industry, it has paved a path for smaller entrepreneurs. In the midst of the nationwide lockdown, husband and wife Charles Tiu and Sari Lazaro-Tiu ventured into a business together to bring exceptional ready-to-drink coffee to those stuck at home.

"We wanted to give people [a unique] experience when they drink our coffee. We decided to make the most out of the quarantine and lockdown to give people good coffee especially since they couldn’t physically go out anymore," said Charles.

Grabbing a cup of coffee before going to work, or even drinking an iced latte with friends has been a routine for most of us; a daily ritual that we looked forward to. That is what exactly Daily Dose Manila offers to its customers: a sip of familiarity, and a taste of what was once normal. 

Sari, who is an avid coffee-lover, brought this idea to Charles who, on the other hand, favours a glass of wine. "My wife says coffee is like wine in that there are so many flavours and so many ways of doing it differently. There are many factors like roasting, beans, etc," he explains. 

Being a coffee connoisseur, Sari would visit cafés in every country she has visited. Through her explorations she found amazing coffee that she one day hoped to share to Filipinos. With this dream, they launched Daily Dose Manila, specialising in cold brew. "We brew our coffee from anywhere between 12-24 hours. We are very particular with the taste of each batch so our baristas really make sure everything is perfect daily," Charles reveals.

Aside from their latte and black cold brew that came out during the brand's opening, they have since expanded, now offering more flavours such as: matcha latte, almond latte, chai latte, salted caramel, hazelnut mocha, and the premium single origin black. All of their variants are made from fresh ingredients and are all from scratch. As for their coffee beans, they use an array with flavour profiles to match their variants. Most of their beans are sourced locally, but they also use blends from South America.

Although, launching the business during the COVID-19 crisis wasn't a walk in the park. Aside from the usual difficulties a small business owner faces, Charles shared that they encountered problems a variety of pandemic related problems, from logistics to sourcing and suppliers... but ultimately, their passion for coffee prevailed. "It was very challenging to do it during the pandemic especially with all the restrictions of moving around and delivering, of finding the right suppliers. But when there is a will there’s a way!"

Currently, their online business has found its way to physical stores which is great news for the Rockwell community. You can find Daily Dose in Frankie & Friends and in Eric Kayser at Powerplant Mall. In time for the holiday season, they are also launching delicious Christmas blends and some tea options for non-coffee drinkers.

For more information, visit Daily Dose on Instagram.

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