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As leaders in their field, Cult Wine Investment are all about breaking down the complexity of investing while keeping the experience simple, stress free and, most importantly, exciting

Investment is all about the long game, and with a combination of resilience and returns*, fine wine may be one of the smartest options to dive into today—whether you are an experienced drinker or a novice with a piqued interest. Over the past decade, data has shown that fine wine investments can be among some of the best performing assets you can have—with a compound annual growth rate of 8.56 per cent**—and coupled with increasing global interest and demand for quality labels, there has never been a better time to consider putting money behind your passions.

At Cult Wine Investment, helmed by experts with a deep knowledge of the market, the philosophy is to disrupt pre-existing notions of how to invest in fine wines. The team are not just portfolio managers or advisors—their passion for wine, relationships with producers and négociants, and acute sense of trends and risks add an extra level of expertise to analyse the sheer quantity of data surrounding the wine market. Several elements that Cult Wine Investment factor into their predictions of worthwhile investments include the wine’s history, drinking window, availability, liquidity and even taking wine critics’ scores into consideration. By bringing in the expertise of an Investment Committee, supported by Cult Wine Investment’s proprietary AI-driven statistical models, they’re able to point clients towards the best possible path for their wine investment experience, taking into consideration their interests, risk appetite and time. After all, wine investment, much like tasting a wine, should never be a ‘one size fits all’ model.

More importantly, the focus of Cult Wine Investment is to set clients on a journey of wine discovery, driving home the idea that wine is not just an asset—but an experience. Not only do they simplify the investment process by taking the legwork out of the analysis, and sifting through the minute data so that clients can make informed decisions, Cult Wine Investment puts the effort into fostering a vibrant wine community centred around experiences, from tastings to masterclasses. After all, fine wine is one of life’s greatest pleasures—and investing in it can be just as rewarding as drinking it.

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* Liv-ex 1000 +21.9 31/12/2019-31/12/2021

** Cult Wines Index compound annual growth rate since inception for 2009 - 2021 | Returns calculated in GBP and may vary depending on exchange rates | Performance data gross of Cult Wine Investment management fees | Past performance is not indicative of future results

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