This rare find (The Dalmore 45) is now being eyed by a handful of Filipino whisky connoisseurs and collectors. Here's why it is worth the price:

Sophisticated. Luscious. Bold: This "liquid gold" is worth every penny not only for its unique flavour but also because The Dalmore 45 has just been made available in the Philippines… and there is only one bottle left!

Whyte & Mackay is a company that has perfected the creation of some of the world’s best alcoholic beverages, including The Dalmore which was founded in 1844 and now owned by Philippine-based Emperador Inc. Whyte & Mackay's President and CEO for Asia, Glenn Manlapaz, says that "The Dalmore 45 is a masterpiece and tells us what [the company] stands for: quintessential British luxury Scotch whisky. It is the apex of single malts, a manifestation of the brand's position in the market." He continues explaining that "when we say that something is 'rare' or 'prestigious', it is not merely just a word that we use. The liquid that goes into the bottle makes it really special, not to mention the limited allocation per country."

The Dalmore 45 was released globally in 2018 with just 500 bottles. In the Philippines two were made available, and now only one remains! This particular whisky is so refined and special that it truly appeals to connoisseurs. Manlapaz tells us that it was created with their top clients in mind. It is for this reason that they are veering away from putting The Dalmore 45 up for auction so that they can prioritise their loyal clients.

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Flavour Profile

It may not be the oldest of all of The Dalmore whiskies, but it still is the "jewel in [their] rare and aged category" according to Adam Knox, The Dalmore’s resident whisky expert for Asia. He explains that the 45’s liquid was casked in American oak ex-bourbon barrels, ex-Bordeaux cabernet sauvignon wine casks, and tawny Port pipes.

The process brings a lot of complexity, many layers of flavour, and showcases the artistry of Dalmore’s whisky makers. "Not only are we using the finest casks available, but the transferring of liquid from cask to cask is a meticulous process done by hand. But it's really what you have to do to get to this level" Knox shares.

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In the case of The Dalmore 45, it has the perfect balance of port and cabernet sauvignon cask notes which really complement the whisky. The Dalmore 45's flavour profile on the palate evokes notes of succulent figs, toffee, apple, and little hints of ripe banana. The long finish is a gorgeous English marmalade with little bits of Manuka honey, and whispers of cranberries. Knox tells us that this all came from a nurturing process over the last 45 years thanks to master blender Richard Paterson and The Dalmore team.

"Richard Paterson is an absolute artist and perhaps the greatest master distiller of his generation. He treats these whiskies as babies, nurtures them throughout their lifespan," says Knox. This inimitable master blender has been working in the aforementioned distillery for 54 years now. He earned the nickname "The Nose" for his excellent and incomparable olfactory skill.

What To Enjoy Whisky With

The unique taste of The Dalmore’s whiskies complement a wide variety of dishes. Full-bodied whiskies tend to go well with richer meals which help to unravel its nuanced flavour profile. The Dalmore 45 pairs beautifully with marbled steak, or gamier meats (particularly venison).

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Whisky Business

Manlapaz says that in the first half of 2020, there were plenty of restrictions due to the pandemic that halted the production in their home-base of Scotland, but they are now back on track. Amidst the challenges, Manlapaz is confident that the company would be able to recover lost opportunities through its strong demand in the domestic markets. "The Dalmore demand is still pretty much robust amidst the current pandemic crisis we're in. We are looking at doubling our business in China this year” Manlapaz shares.

For us in the Philippines, we may not all be able to get our hands on the 45, but we can definitely visit The Dalmore Flagship Store where not only can you try a variety of top of the line whiskeys, but also some unique whisky and cigar pairings too!

For more details about The Dalmore 45, visit The Dalmore Flagship Store at G/F Uptown Parade Bridgelink, Uptown Bonifacio, The Fort, Taguig City, +632 7792 9710.

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