Cover Image: Clink Clink

The Lo & Behold Group’s online bottle shop gives you full access to carefully-selected pours wine experts would drink themselves

We could all benefit from the recommendations of sommeliers when we’re choosing the next wine bottle to open for occasions such as a mini birthday gathering or a simple TGIF celebration at home.

Tapping into this gap in the market, The Lo & Behold Group has launched Clink Clink, an online bottle shop offering restaurant-quality wine in bundles of threes and sixes, carefully selected by renowned and local sommeliers.

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Resident sommelier Matthew Lamb shared that he and his team only sell wines that they love to drink. Furthermore, the collections are designed for exploration and “customers can look for something they’re familiar with and discover bottles that may push the boundaries by introducing lesser-known varieties, producers and regions”.

Before the wines are featured on the online shop, they undergo rigorous blind tests and only one in 10 bottles makes the cut. These are packaged under cheeky names like “Girl Power”, a collection of pours from female winemakers; “Orange is the New Black”, which puts the spotlight on natural wines; and “I’m a Grower, Not a Show-er”, a beautiful selection of champagnes from smaller producers in the region. These will be updated every quarter.

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Sommeliers’ Choice

Aside from these wine bundles, Clink Clink has also debuted the Global Sommelier Series. It features one guest sommelier every month, who’d give customers a peek of what they’re drinking on their days off. Their personal selections, of course, will be exclusively available for purchase on the site.

It’s only the beginning and the line-up of guest sommeliers is already exciting our palates, with names like Pascaline Lepeltier MS, Isa Bal MS (head sommelier at the Fat Duck), and Vincent Tan (head sommelier at Odette).