Quick and easy ways of brewing coffee at home don’t have to come at the expense of quality and taste.

There are two things in life that man needs to sustain himself — wifi and coffea. Since the day it was discovered that the fruit of the coffee plant could be brewed to produce a life-giving elixir, we have been preoccupied with finding ways to drink in all of coffee’s elusive aromas and flavours.


Lattissima Pro
If you don’t have the luxury of space on your countertop, opt for the Lattissima Pro, a standalone unit that affords a one-touch coffee making experience. Nespresso provides a luxurious range of Grand Cru coffee selections designed to suit your taste profile, which can be turned into milk-based drinks with the model’s milk foaming feature activated through the intuitive touch screen. The machine is cleaned with its automatic rinse mode.

De Dietrich

Showcasing a sleek design with bevelled stainless steel trimmings and white backlit Intelligent Touch LED Controls, this unit is an automatic system with personalised functions, allowing you to programme settings such as coffee quantity and water temperature and the fineness of the grind. It also comes with an automatic cappuccino and latte frothing milk jug. Maintenance is easy with its automatic rinsing and descaling functions. 


ETAM 29.660.SB
If you prefer a standalone bean-to-cup system, this unit ticks all the right boxes. It gives you the option of choosing whatever coffee beans you prefer — even pre-ground coffee — and lets you adjust virtually every brewing component. Its new Doppio+ function brews a cup that is more than a double size espresso with extra aroma, while its drip coffee function prepares great-tasting long black coffee. It also has a LatteCrema system that yields soft rich foam for cappuccino. The brewing unit is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Dolce Gusto DROP
Boasting a shape inspired by a drop of coffee, this model is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. It introduces an intuitive HMI interface, where a quick swipe of the finger on the dosage bar screen allows you to customise your drink. A patented custom control lever also caters to your personal taste preferences, providing you the option of preparing either hot or cold beverages. 


Coffee-Center Supremo
This machine dispenses coffee specialities ranging from espresso to cappuccino to café au lait with the touch of a button. It also features an integrated automatic milk frother that may be removed and stored in the refrigerator, and is also dishwater-friendly. The model allows for quantity programming for three different cup sizes, and can be adjusted between 80 to 110mm in height.


This is a comprehensive built-in bean-to-cup coffee system designed to yield more intense coffee flavours via its proprietary AromaticSystem. Patented touch controls make it possible for you to select coffee grinding grade and quantity. The model also comes with a CupSensor feature that automatically senses the height of your cup, while cleaning and maintenance is a breeze with its in-built cleaning programme.


CM 450
Featuring one-touch operation and personalised functions, this unit prepares every variation of espresso and milk-based drinks and hot water for beverages. A continuous flow heater means there is no waiting time and the brewing temperature remains at a constant. For those with a preference for a really strong brew, it provides a double grinding option. Automatic rinse and descaling programmes make for fuss-free maintenance.


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