Cover The Black Bowmore Whiskey collection is presented in a bespoke cabinet for the upcoming Sotheby's auction (Photo: Courtesy of Sotheby's)

The whisky collection is presented in a bespoke cabinet created from genuine items from the distillery and designed by award-winning craftsman, John Galvin

Black Bowmore has gained legendary status within whisky circles 27 years after its first release, both as a hallmark of the distillery's house style and as a highly desirable collector's item. Sotheby's, in partnership with Bowmore, offers a rare opportunity to acquire the complete Black Bowmore single malt whisky collection direct from the Bowmore distillery on April 17.

For the auction, five archive bottles of Black Bowmore from 1993 to 2016, will be presented in a unique bespoke piece of furniture created by award-winning craftsman John Galvin. The Black Bowmore "Archive Cabinet" the highlight of the Finest & Rarest Wine and Spirits auction, boasting an estimated price of HK$4,000,000. The winning bid will also be invited to the Bowmore distillery for a tasting of Bowmore's rarest and oldest single malts.

Proceeds from the sale donated to Islay Development Initiative for the Bowmore Legacy project, which aims to support the employability, training and housing needs of Bowmore's young people.

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The archive cabinet where the whiskey is housed showcases authentic items and materials from the Bowmore distillery. An original Bowmore Spirits safe was used in making the cabinet, making it a completely one-off piece that'll never be replicated. The whisky will be placed inside handblown glass pillars, each in varying heights corresponding to the age of the whiskies.

"Black Bowmore truly is the jewel in our crown and it takes its rightful place in the distillery’s history for firmly putting Bowmore on the map as an iconic, collectable whisky. This full collection of five Black Bowmore bottlings is spectacular, made even more special by the cabinet within which it is beautifully housed," says David Turner, Bowmore's distillery manager.

Each element of the cabinet comes from our home; from the workings of the distillery preserving time gone by. This exceptional detail not only reflects the craftsmanship inherent in Bowmore but makes this unique masterpiece rooted in our Islay home. This means whoever buys this not only owns some of our spirit’s history but also actual elements of the distillery’s production history," he adds.

Interested bidders can register online, call or make a bid in person in the saleroom on April 18. For assistance with bidding and registration, please contact enquiries@sotheby' or call +852 2524 8121.

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