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The Tatler Bar pays tribute to this US celebration by raising a toast with these amazing whiskeys

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, and The Tatler Bar recognises that by paying tribute to the various celebrations of countries, with the most recent one being Mexico’s Cinco De Mayo. Next on our calendar is Flag Day, an annual festival in the US celebrated on June 14. It’s a special day in the country’s history as it commemorates the adoption of the American flag and its signature stars and stripes.

If you are celebrating US Flag Day with friends and family, these are our five recommended American-made whiskeys.

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Mitcher’s 10 Year Old Single Barrel Rye

Mitcher’s is a legacy brand in America that is famed for its stellar whiskeys. And this 10-year-old spirit, which is Michter’s only release last year, is no exception thanks to its rich and deep flavour profile that comes from being aged in toasted and charred casks. The medium-bodied spirit entices the drinker with aromas of orange zest, rye spice and toffee that bloom into rye spice and orchard fruits. It has a beautifully long finish enriched with a touch of leather and oak.


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E.H Taylor Jr. Single Barrel Bourbon

This prized bottling comes from the distillery that was established by Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr., one of the founding fathers of the bourbon industry in the US. He spent his years improving and innovating new methods and ageing processes in bourbon production, resulting in exquisite whiskeys we enjoy until today. This potent single barrel bourbon bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV) is the perfect example; its complex flavours commence with aromas of toasted oak, dried figs and butterscotch. Let it linger on the palate and enjoy its pronounced sweetness balanced by tobacco and dark spices.


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1792 Full Proof Bourbon

It is recommended you order your bottle stat as this award-winning whisky—which earned accolades such as Gold Medal at the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition in 2019 and World’s Best Whisky by Whisky Bible in 2020—sells out pretty fast. A perfect composition of corn, rye and barley, this bourbon is bottled at full proof to ensure a rich and intense flavour profile. Revel in its smoky taste layered with hints of vanilla and caramel. Limited bottles available.


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Sazerac Rye

This rye whisky from New Orleans is steeped in history, as it is the spirit that was used to concoct Sazerac—America’s first branded cocktail. It continues to be a popular option for imbibers who cannot get enough of its taste—a mix of sun-dried peaches and cinnamon spice complemented by a fruity and slightly woody finish.


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Yellowstone Select

This is another Kentucky bourbon from the seventh generation distillers—Paul and Steve Beam. The spirit is sweet, spicy and smoky at the same time, but it is made more complex with bursts of summer peaches, leather and caramel. It leaves the palate with a creamy texture that makes you want to have another glass (or two!)


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