Cover Jonas Ax, trade ambassador for Bacardi-Martini Malaysia, chose to meet us at Concubine in Chinatown (Photo: Khairul Imran / Tatler Malaysia)

Jonas Ax, the face of Bacardí Malaysia, sheds light on the romantic history of the Air Mail cocktail and shows us how to make it in less than ten steps

Boasting a long and storied history involving fruit bats (the inspiration for Bacardí's logo), Egyptian mummies and the Cuban Revolution, Bacardí is undeniably one of the world’s most recognisable rum brands—but those are tales for another day.
Today's focus is the Air Mail cocktail, which was first mentioned in a pamphlet titled 'Bacardí and Its Many Uses.'

According to Bacardí-Martini trade ambassador Jonas Ax, a self-professed purveyor of party liquids: "The year was 1930, but the cocktail recipe might be even older. Many believe it was invented when mail was just starting to get delivered by aircraft, and that the drink was created to pay homage to the novelty of it all."

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o   Ice
o   1 shot Bacardí
o   ½ shot honey water (two parts honey to one part water)
o   1 lime (juiced)
o   Martini Prosecco
o   Dried fruit, mint & a postal stamp (optional)

1.     Fill a champagne flute or a tall glass with ice.
2.     Next, fill your cocktail shaker with ice.
3.     Measure one shot of Bacardí and pour it into the shaker.
4.     Add honey water to the shaker followed by lime juice.
5.     Secure the lid of the cocktail shaker and give it a good shake.
6.     Pour the ice out of your champagne flute now that it’s chilled. If using a tall glass, do not discard the ice.
7.     Strain your mixed drink into the prepared glass. 
8.     Top up with Martini Prosecco.

TATLER TIP: Garnish your cocktail with dried fruit and a mint sprig or, as Ax likes to do, by affixing a stamp to the rim of your glass using a tiny wooden peg.