Bar Trigona's first birthday bash on July 9th came with a special announcement: patrons can now participate in the award-winning bar's 'Save the bees' campaign by sponsoring a hive of honeybees at Dino’s Kelulut Organic Farm.

Named for the stingless Trigona honeybee, Bar Trigona at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur has long been held in high regard for its sustainable practices, which include sourcing local ingredients.

“Buying local honey is the great way to support healthy hives and precious biodiversity,” commented head bartender Ashish Sharma. “In fact, we take this hyper-local approach to our entire menu. Many of our standout ingredients come from small farms in Malaysia."

Honeybees are an integral part of our story, so this is an issue that is very close to our hearts.

Cocktail connoissuers are encouraged to do their small part for the environment by sponsoring a safe habitat for honeybees. In exchange for beekeeping fees of RM500 per year, each donor will receive:

  • 6 jars of artisanal Trigona honey harvested from his or her own hive;
  • 1 bottle of bee propolis containing antibiotic & antiseptic properties;
  • 1 adoption certificate;
  • Quarterly updates on the health of their bees;
  • Organised visits to the farm in Negeri Sembilan (upon special request);
  • VIP invitations to insider events;
  • 10% off all expenses at Bar Trigona

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Those keen to adopt a beehive can access the Four Seasons App, WhatsApp 03-2382 8888 or spreak to head bartender Ashish Sharma at Bar Trigona.

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