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We've compiled the most beloved home brewing methods for you to find out which one works the best for you

1. Hario V60

One of many pour-over methods, the Hario V60 is a favourite among coffee nerds for a good number of reasons. It makes good coffee, is portable and is surprisingly simple to use. It will admittedly take more than a few tries to master the pour-over technique, but the quality brew it produces is definitely worth the practice. Plus, the meditative, gratifying ritual of a pour-over is, without a doubt, a great way to start your day.

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2. Chemex

Many mistake the Chemex as a home accessory, and it is used as a vase more often than you might imagine. The Chemex has been around for quite a while and is so popular that it has even made guest appearances on many popular TV shows. Much like the V60, this pour-over method requires filter paper and coffee grounds (a scale and a gooseneck kettle too, if you want to fully be in control).

3. Aeropress

The Aeropress has amassed somewhat of a cult following especially amongst campers and backpackers. Although it looks more like a balloon pump than a coffee brewer, this little device does pack quite a punch. Depending on your grind size and water temperature, you’ll get different results from your brew but the general taste profile to expect is smooth, rich and “pure” tasting. Not to mention it only takes one minute to go from bean to brew.

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4. Siphon (Vacuum Pot)

The most theatrical of all coffee makers, the Siphon relies on a basic high school physics principle: vacuum. Water is heated up to boiling point using a flame and then rapidly cooled creating a vacuum that extracts a pure, clarified cup of Joe. It is a very involved brewing process that requires a specific set of equipment that doesn’t come cheap. But the endless oohs and aahs of your guests will definitely make the investment well-worth it.

5. French Press

An oldie but a goodie, the French press is a classic coffee maker that is passed down from one generation to the next in many families. Plop your coffee grounds in the press and that’s literally it—you’re ready to get brewing. It's a fool-proof way to making rich, heavy-bodied coffee with a hint of bitterness. It can also double as milk frother for those who are able to unlock this “special feature”. If you’re looking to reduce paper-waste, then the French press is perfect for you.

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6. Moka Pot

The stovetop espresso maker commonly known as the Moka pot relies on a bit of science to extract the delicious brown elixir known as coffee. Pressure in the bottom chamber pushes water through a layer of grounds, producing coffee that gurgles out from the spout in the top chamber like a chocolate fountain. The result is a bittersweet, rich-bodied coffee similar to an espresso. Either way, it's perfect for espresso lovers who prefer to avoid the hassle of pulling their own shots.

7. Espresso Machine

Espresso machines are a common sight in speciality coffee shops and cafés, ranging from the simplest to the more sophisticated and complex. They are great for making, well, espresso, and any other espresso-based coffee like Lattes or Americanos. Whilse this coffee maker will make a great addition to your collection of bar and kitchen appliances, it does require a certain level of technique that for most takes months or even years to master.

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8. Coffee Pod Machine

It would be impossible not to mention coffee pod machines, given their recent domination of the home brewing scene. Convenience is its advantage. Coffee goes from capsule to cup in mere seconds, making it great for those who need a really quick dose of caffeine in the morning.

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