Martell's "be curious" tagline is a great motto to go by when you're looking for an exciting new watering hole to have a drink or two. Which brings us to the order of the day – seven unique bars that not only deliver a quality pour but also does so in a setting that sets them apart from the rest.

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Hang up your suit of samurai armour and relax with a well crafted cocktail or two at this Japanese themed bar at The Intermark. Kenshin specialises in Japanese whisky and sake but goes the South East Asian route when it comes to cocktails, making for a unique blend of East meets East.

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Flying Pagoni

If you're ever down south in Johor Bahru, take a trip to the Flying Pagoni for a night to remember. Besides being a bar, lounge and nightclub with a wide range of spirits and cocktails for consumption, this eclectic establishment ups the ante with their in-house talent that includes an aerialist, gogo dancers and a juggler. Did we mention that there are also live peacocks on site?

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This Petaling Street speakeasy is well known for its South East Asian influenced cocktails and its pre-war oriental shop lot atmosphere. The cocktail menu at PS150 is divided into various sections, each representing a specific era in time of which the drinks receive their notoriety from.

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The Locker & Loft

Hidden away in Damansara Kim, The Locker & Loft partly gets its name from the large faux locker door that hides this cocktail bar. With a raw industrial-cum-distillery look, the bar also doubles as a restaurant, so those looking for a new dinner and drinking spot can now have both.

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Virgin & Throne

Over in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Virgin & Throne has been playing with the notion of having a medieval vibe mixed in for your night of drinking fun since 2015. Cocktails are plentiful over here and the bar even serves a few eats that can stave off hunger until supper comes around.

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Crime Cocktail Bar

If you can't do the time, don't do the crime, or so they say. Crime cocktail bar on the other hand, embraces its 1920's gangstar vibe and invites you to a world where good cocktails and being bad just good.

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The Pawn Room

Another Taman Tun Dr Ismail speakeasy, The Pawn Room draws inspiration from a traditional oriental pawn shop. Besides its cool old-school Chinese yesteryear vibe, drinkers can look forward to a varied tropical influenced cocktail menu.

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