Festivities for St. Patrick’s day are incomplete without any of these!

Ireland is renowned for its verdant hills, its cool clime, and — unsurprisingly — its pub scene. With alcohol that’s praised for the world over, Ireland has become somewhat of an international watering hole for thirsty locals and curious tourists. This St. Patrick’s Day, the Tatler Philippines team celebrates the feast day of Ireland’s patron saint with a cool pint of whatever’s on tap. 


Guinness is a brand of beer that originated in the 1700’s and is arguably one of Ireland’s most famous. Using a blend of flavourful hops and perfectly roasted barley grains, the brand is famous for serving “black beer with a colourful taste”. Nowadays, Guinness brews twelve variations of drink that undergo various processes to create the kind of taste that everyone thirsts for. Whether it’s their Nitro IPA variant (which undergoes nitrogenation), or the Guinness Smooth, all the way to the classic Guinness Draught, you know that Arthur Guiness’ almost 300-year-old legacy is far from over. 


Alongside Guinness, Beamish is one of Ireland’s more famous beer brands. However, while Guinness focuses on the its perfectly roasted flavour, Beamish capitalises on its rich undertones of coffee and dark chocolate. They only have one type of drink — their classic Beamish Irish stout — which has been in production for over 200 years. 

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Orchard Thieves

Orchard Thieves is one of Ireland’s most famous cider brands. Cider is a fermented alcoholic beverage made from apple juice. Flavours for apple cider can vary depending on the type of apples used but in general, they can be classified from dry to sweet and can appear in different shades from clear to brown. 

Made from European apples and processed in a Heineken cider mill in Cork,  Orchard Thieves offers a drink that is both refreshing and versatile thanks to its fruity origins. 

Coole Swan

Coole Swan is a relatively young brand, only about ten years old, yet they’ve won countless international awards for their delicious cream liqueur recipe. Made from single Malt Irish Whiskey, Belgian chocolate, and fresh dairy cream, Coole Swan has become a popular homegrown family brand that’s a perfect accompaniment to coffee, daiquiris, and pina Coole-ladas. 

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Kinsale Mead Co.

Kinsale Mead Co. is one of Ireland’s newest meaderies — the first in 200 years, to be exact. Mead,  thought to be one of the world’s oldest drinks, is made of honey and water. Kinsale’s mead in particular, is made from Spanish orange blossom honey, with water sourced from the River Bandon, which connects to the Atlantic. For a fruitier variety of mead, known as melomel, Kinsale infuses European blackcurrant with their honey to create a sweet, fruity taste that adds depth to their mead. 


Jameson is an Irish whiskey well-known for its distillation process, which requires a three-time repetition to achieve its signature floral fragrance and spicy, nutty flavour. It’s the same distillation process that makes Jameson whiskey as smooth as it is. With a history of over 200 years, Jameson’s classic whiskey has become something of a staple for Irish pubs and St. Patrick’s Days celebrations. This year, they’ve also released a limited edition holiday bottle designed by Dublin based designer and illustrator, Stephen Heffernan — a must for any party. 

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