Hennessy cognac, together with local mixologists, created two special cocktails for guests at this year's Tatler Ball.

At this year's Tatler Ball, Hennessy delighted guests with two new cocktails made for the ball – Hennessy red dates and aloe vera and Hennessy grosvenorii

The first cocktail is made using Hennessy V.S.O.P, honey aloe vera jujubes tea, homemade dates tea, an edible flower, sparkling water and a dehydrated apple.

The second one option on the other hand, takes inspiration from the well-known fruit Lo Han Guo (grosvenorii) by adding grosvenorii syrup, pu er tea, sparkling water and deep fried lotus root slices.

Both specially crafted cocktails take an Asian approach in order to begin the night with beverages given a local twist.