Promotion: Aug 1 - Sep 17 2021 (Expired)

Mott 32 celebrates Yunnan mushroom season with a limited-run mushroom feast menu

Mott 32 is honouring the rich culinary heritage of Yunnan mushrooms with an end of summer seasonal menu. Developed by Mott 32 executive chef Lee Man Sing, the limited-run Yunnan wild mushroom feast menu showcases the versatility of this humble yet flavoursome and nutritional ingredient. The menu has been designed by the Mott 32 culinary team to present the unique aroma, taste and texture of each mushroom.

The highly sought-after matsutake mushroom which carries a huge amount of flavour is simply pan-fried and seasoned with sea salt, served in a dish with Fresh Abalone. Whilst the swollen-stalked cat mushroom in hua diao is served as a cold dish with its crispy and chewy texture being emphasised. Guests could also have a taste of rare finds that are often only available in China, such as the zhusun jun and ganba fungus. Mott 32’s Yunnan wild mushroom feast is priced at HK$1,250 per person, with an optional 3-glass wine pairing priced at HK$280 per person. The menu is available at Mott 32 for dinner only. 

Mott 32

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