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Where to find the most auspicious, sought-after puddings to enjoy with your beloved ones to celebrate the arrival of Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, which means it’s time to reunite with family and friends, hunting festive presents to gift and indulging in scrumptious feasts to ring in the new year on a high note. Of course, no Chinese New Year celebration is complete without pudding (aka leen goh in Cantonese). It's known as a traditional, auspicious treat which symbolises reaching new heights of prosperity in the coming year.

Whether you’re after classic flavours or innovative varieties, there’s certainly something for everyone:

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The Royal Garden

Usher in the Year of the Rat with scrumptious treats handmade by executive chef Ho Wai-Sing from the acclaimed Cantonese establishment, The Royal Garden.

Aside from classic flavours such as dried mandarin peel with red bean and lotus seed pudding, water chestnut pudding and taro pudding, The Royal Garden also welcomes the return of two of their best-selling creations—deluxe turnip pudding and low sugar red date pudding. Made with premium red dates specially sourced from Xinjiang, the low sugar red date pudding is aromatic without being too sweet. A perfect alternative for health-conscious eaters.

The turnip pudding and low sugar red date pudding are priced at HK$398 and HK$308 each respectively, while other classic flavours such as water chestnut pudding and taro pudding are available for HK$298 each.

Online orders are available here

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Lung King Heen

To celebrate Chinese New Year as a precious time of togetherness and prosperity, Lung King Heen at Four Seasons Hong Kong is giving the iconic festive delicacy with modern twists to please pudding lovers.

The expert team has created two brand new varieties, namely burdock and snow fungus pudding with red dates and jasmine, and taro pudding with black truffle and air-dried meat. For those with a penchant for traditional puddings, opt for Lung King Heen’s signature Lunar New Year pudding with coconut milk, and abalone and turnip pudding with conpoy.

Both of the new flavours are priced HK$418 per box, while the other two signature varieties are priced at HK$498 each.

Online orders are available here 

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Ming Court

Known for its excellent Cantonese fare served in a stylish, elegant setting, the Chinese fine dining restaurant—Ming Court is launching a number of enticing puddings in honour of the Year of the Rat.

Among our all-time favourites such as turnip pudding with premium abalone, conpoy, air-dried preserved pork, and coconut pudding, there's a new limited-edition kumquat and tangerine peel pu’er tea pudding. All the fruit ingredients are combined harmoniously to give a lingering aftertaste with hints of citrus fruit, which serves as a perfect choice for those who yearn to celebrate the tradition with some modern twists.

The new variety is priced at HK$268 each, while the turnip pudding and coconut pudding are priced at HK$298 and HK$248 each respectively. All the puddings are available to order from now until they sell out.

Online orders available here 

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Located at the St. Regis, the beautiful, upscale Chinese restaurant—Rùn—has prepared Lunar New Year puddings in three distinctive flavours for you to impress loved ones.

Traditional radish and taro puddings are given a makeover with fresh daikon radish and dried oysters specially sourced from Japan, and you’ll be able to sample rich flavours and chunky texture in every bite. For those with a sweet tooth, the rose-flavoured brown sugar pudding is a must-try item. The unique treat is made with quality Okinawa black sugar and subtle rose flavouring, which will give us a refreshing floral aroma with a right amount of sweetness.

The traditional radish pudding and taro puddings are priced at HK$388 and HK$368 per box respectively, while the rose-flavoured brown sugar pudding is priced at HK$288 each. All of the puddings are available to order from now till January 24 and can be redeemed from January 15 to 24.

For more information, please call +852 2138 6808 or email

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The Cakery

Who says vegetarians have to skip all the delicious puddings to be in line with their health goals? Hong Kong-based bakery, The Cakery, which is known as a health concept that offers vegan-friendly pastries made from natural sugars, good fats and proteins, is introducing two healthy yet delectable puddings to satisfy your sweet cravings this Lunar New Year—vegan red date cake and the red sugar rice cake. Healthy eaters, now you can indulge in the festive dessert and don’t have to feel guilty about it.

The red date cake and red sugar rice cake are priced at HK$238 and HK$228 per box respectively.

Online orders are available to order here 

The Cakery, Landmark Shop, Shop 303, Landmark, 15 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, +852 6683 3833;

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Duddell’s ever-popular puddings are returning in artistic limited edition boxes to mark the beginning of another successful year.

The two traditional flavours—turnip pudding with Chinese cured sausages and fried shrimps, and sweet pudding with coconut milk—are housed in boxes designed by G.O.D (Goods of Desire), which feature beautiful hand-drawn traditional patterns of Chinese teacups and soup bowls in honour of Hong Kong’s heritage. If you're looking for puddings with refined packaging to delight the design lover in your life, Duddell's creations are not to be missed.

The turnip pudding and the sweet pudding with coconut milk are priced at HK$348 and HK$298 per box respectively. All the puddings are available to order from now until the end of January and can be redeemed from January 13 to 24. 

Online orders are available here 

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Man Ho

In addition to an amazing collection of Lunar New Year treats such as homemade premium XO sauce, candied walnuts and seaweed cashews, Man Ho at JW Mariott is bringing back their signature puddings for diners to explore a taste of tradition that equal parts delicious and decorative.

Man Ho's Chinese New Year pudding with gold leaf and mashed red dates, and turnip pudding with dried tiger prawns are crafted with the premium ingredients and refined recipes, which are packaged in elegant boxes with golden Chinese floral design details to give off festive vibes.

Both varieties are priced at HK$288 each, which are available to order from January 13 to 23.

Online orders are available here 

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The Peninsula Boutique

We can always count on The Peninsula Boutique for dainty, decadent festive treats, and this year's Chinese New Year collection is no exception. Apart from offering baked goods, gourmet sauces and deluxe hampers packed with fine fruits, teas and signature pastries, The Peninsula also showcases a brand-new jasmine tea-infused pudding along with the original flavour, all come in auspicious packaging inspired by the geometric latticework found in the interior of the hotel.

Featuring authentic recipes and quality ground Thai glutinous rice for great rich textures and flavours, The Peninsula’s holiday desserts are definitely worth a try.

Both puddings are priced at HK$198 per box.

Online orders are available here

The Peninsula Boutique, The Peninsula Arcade, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong; +852 2696 6969;

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The Legacy House

Located inside one of the most luxurious hotels in Tsim Sha Tsui, The Rosewood Hong Kong, The Legacy House is a fine dining establishment that celebrates classic Cantonese cuisine—especially Shunde dishes—which are served with stunning harbour views.
To celebrate a prosperous start to the New Year, the restaurant continues to impress diners with two newly-launched classic pudding varieties, namely premium turnip cake and sweet Chinese New Year pudding. All the puddings are presented in utterly beautiful, unique boxes inspired by the iconic Victoria Harbour and the water views which abound at the hotel, making them perfect for family reunion and gift-giving.
Both puddings are priced at HK$238 per box, which are available to order from now till January 24.

Online orders are available here

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Celebrated as one of the city’s most prominent driving forces promoting traditional Cantonese cuisine and a student of the late Pearl Kong Chen, esteemed gastronome Theresa Yiu founded her own brand of premium food products, selling dried noodles, mooncakes and Chinese New Year puddings.

Made and packaged locally, the Dashijie brand has been dedicated to polishing the conventional savoury turnip pudding with several variations by adding ingredients such as boletus and premium XO sauce since its launch. This year, Dashijie has collaborated with the highly-acclaimed Cantonese restaurant, The Chairman, to create a special Sichuan-style chili radish cake featuring an enticing blend of green peppercorns, blistered green chilies, and other Sichuan traditional spices. 

Other favourites include a savoury taro pudding with cured meats, as well as sweet options such as ginger brown sugar pudding and water chestnut pudding.

Dashijie Chinese New Year puddings are available at selected Citysuper outlets and Sogo Department store. The limited edition collaboration with The Chairman is available to pre-order via the restaurant's online ordering platform.

For more information, please visit

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Yan Toh Heen

The one Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant Yan Toh Heen is often recognised with its authentic, carefully executed specialties served in an elegant setting, and their Chinese New Year creations deserve special mention, too.
If you haven’t noticed, Yan Toh Heen has prepared two kinds of puddings, Tokachi red bean cake with Okinawa Kokuto syrup, and Kagoshima thick cut daikon cake which comes with the restaurant’s signature handmade XO sauce. Using only the finest ingredients sourced from Japan, these flavours of fortune are sure to please the most discerning pudding connoisseur.
The red bean pudding and daikon pudding are priced at HK$408 and HK$428 per box respectively. The puddings can be collected from January 16 to 24.

Online orders are available here 

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