This lifetime foodie has finally decided to take things into his own hands with healthy Asian rice toppings.

Tim has loved eating for as long as he can remember. He is not one to shy away from flavours, spices or even indulging in large portions. Sure, fitness means a lot to him but, Tim says “I am not scared to eat, to eat a lot.” 

Wok With Yap, has been in the works for a long-time. In fact Tim partnered with CloudEats to launch this pandemic-proof cloud restaurant and was supposed to launch pre-quarantine, a week before lockdown to be exact! Tim tells me that due to the timing, instead of pushing forward on the concept, he decided to focus on helping frontliners in need. “We did not advertise this but we put the budget meant for the brand at the time,  into food relief for frontliners—we partnered with Belo and Angkas and sent food to 20 hospitals” Tim reveals. 

Now, Tim is ready, thrilled and eager to share his newest brainchild with the Philippines! “We have firmed up Wok With Yap's menu and are soft-launching from 12 to 16 of August, then officially we are live on 17 August with delivery apps like GrabFood and FoodPanda” he revealed ecstatically!

When asked why now for his food project, Tim shared that with more time on his hands this quarantine, it gave him the opportunity to reflect on childhood. “I always look forward and move fast. I never take the time to look back. Now that I had the chance, I took note of what I loved in my youth.  My childhood was spent watching certain TV programmes. I used to love watching this foreign show before called Wok With Yan. He was this Asian chef on TV; I was exposed to Asian representation through him showing us easy-to-cook food. It stuck with me, and inspired the name: Wok With Yap!" 

His goal? To bring Filipinos rice bowls that are hearty, yummy and healthy! “It's more nutritious because the base is brown rice, quinoa or adlai. We are starting off with eight dishes that I am very happy with!" There is an Asian twist to the entire menu as he brings his most-loved cuisines of the region to Wok With Yap. "Everything is not just Chinese” Tim states. His favourite is the Hainanese chicken rice. “I wanted to focus on Asia because it's my comfort food. I crave Asian food” he adds sincerely. 

Partnering with his long-time friend and old colleague, chef Carlo Miguel, they toiled away until each offering was perfected. As Wok With Yap’s culinary director, chef Carlo applied his industry skill-set and expertise into ensuring that the menu was of excellent quality, while still meeting Tim’s palate requirements and personal flavour preferences.

Tim tells me that they have a great professional dynamic as Carlo was previously the chef of his Tim's past nightlife hotspots like Gramercy and Opus! “He is a really good friend, so we were always honest about this business and the menu. I wanted food that I genuinely enjoy indulging in, but I don’t want the guilt, so Carlo really helped in execution” Tim shares.

Carlo added that "Tim has a discerning palate and definitely knows what he wants, so I enjoyed working with him on creating this menu. He was very specific about wanting the food to be bright, flavourful but also healthy." 

The back and forth was extremely personal. Every bowl was taste-tested and approved by Tim and his husband Javi Martinez, too. Tim’s many fans can be rest assured that when eating food by Wok With Yap, they are consuming something that was vetted by Tim; each bowl is made to his exact flavour preferences. 

"We have had multiple food tastings with Tim to make sure the food is exactly as he wants it. I'm excited to see the customers' reaction to his menu and am very happy with our collaboration" says chef Carlo.

Tim was not only hands-on in the menu creation with chef Carlo, but also with the design and collaterals of his brand. He had a specific vision for his logo; he made sure to describe his ideas and had a talented team execute the photoshoots and logo design. 

What can you expect to eat from Wok With Yap? These are their eight special bowls for you to try out: 

  1. Hainanese chicken with brown rice
  2. Kung pao chicken 
  3. Kani mango with brown rice
  4. Hummus and tabbouleh salad
  5. Soy ginger salmon with brown rice 
  6. Beef and broccoli with brown rice 
  7. Spicy salmon with brown rice 
  8. Orange chicken with brown rice

All bowls can be made with quinoa or adlai! Keep an eye out for Wok With Yap on food delivery platforms coming your way August 17, 2020.

To know more, check out their Instagram: @wokwithyap!



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