It’s definitely more than just the Great Gatsby vibes.

If you’ve always admired the Gotham building from afar, you’re in for a bigger treat once you venture inside. In March, the ground floor of Parkview Square will transform into an even grander entrance as it unveils Atlas—an Art Deco-style all-day dining and drinking destination that truly raises the bar. Will the “opening of the year” live up to the hype? There’s plenty of evidence that says so. Here’s a rundown of what to expect in numbers:

1920: The Decade in Focus

Enter Atlas and its gilded interiors immediately make you feel like you’re having an actual Midnight in Paris moment. The shell alone features plenty of decadent Art Deco details and transports guests to the Twenties with a stylish interplay of gold accents, restored frescos, graphic etchings plus the requisite black-and-white touches. The menu also reflects the 1920s: executive chef Daniele Sperindio carefully researched the era’s cuisine and will be presenting his inventive interpretations from breakfast to bar bites.

800: Bottles of Gin

One of the most obvious highlights here is the dizzying variety of gin. Atlas features the most ambitious selection of the well-loved spirit, including 1910 London dry gins and artisanal creations culled from the world over. Handpicked by Master of Gin Jason Williams, each bottle is artfully displayed in a 15-metre-high, floor-to-ceiling tower at the centre of the space. A tyranny of choice awaits, but you won’t go wrong with a classic martini or negroni. 

250: Types of Champagne

Gin isn’t the only tipple given pride of place at Atlas. Hidden behind the bar is a rose-gold room devoted to everyone’s favourite bubbly—champagne. The dedicated space holds one of Asia’s best selection of champagne—250 variants to be specific—including sought-after labels straight from the Parkview Family cellar to the finest bottles sourced directly from smaller wineries. That alone gives us cause for celebration.

2: Award-winning staff from London

Atlas pulls out all the stops in terms of decor, drinks, as well as service. Lauded staff forms the backbone of the bar, with award-winning head bartender Roman Foltan and distinguished maître d Carla Davina Soares from London. They both join Atlas from the esteemed Artesian at The Langham, best known for winning World’s Best Bar four times in a row. Foltan delivers creative yet refined cocktails that harks back to the 1920s, while Soares brings her warmth to the gilded venue, ensuring a classy yet casual experience. 

Tatler Tip: After a drink or two at Atlas, check out the art exhibition On Sharks and Humanity, which opens on March 10 at the new Parkview Museum.

Atlas | Parkview Square 600 North Bridge Road S(188778) | 6396 4466 | Mon-Thu 8am-1am, Fri 8am-2am, Sat 12pm-2am

Photos courtesy of Atlas

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