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Welcome to Foodie Finds! This is an article series by Tatler, chronicling where and what to order according to the food-obsessed.

I myself have never understood non-foodies. How can one not love flavours, spices, aromas and all the cultural nuances and memories that come with every bite? Dining is an experience meant to be savoured and is even more fun when shared with loved ones. Dining around a table means sharing, conversing, bonding and learning. A dish can tell you so much about a person, a culture, and a country. It speaks volumes of a nation's history and is an art form on its own. Skilled hands are trained over years or are born out of pure passion and practice. Professional chefs and home cooks alike, from young stars to grandmothers, have been cooking up meals filled with emotion and have truly made us foodies, happy.

Through Foodie Finds, we ask our epicurean friends to share their favourites. In this feature, we tackle takeout and delivery. Hear what Miguel Nacianceno, documentary and food photographer, has to say. He shares his go-to shops for takeout here: 

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Korean food is oddly comforting for me. I like Sibyullee because you get definitely your money's worth. They never scrimp on the banchan! My go-to order is their beef bulgogi because the beef is top quality, and is always fresh. While you're at it, you might as well order their kimchi too, and bottled dipping sauces. 

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Tetsuo | +6391 6487 6559

I like my fried chicken and noodles, and Tetsuo does these really well. Their karaage and birthday noodles are a favourite! Actually, even the udon is great. Tetsuo's Makati branch is so close to me that I get my takeout order still piping hot and fresh. I love it with Friday night drinks (which I've been doing at home, of course).

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Stock At Home

@stockathomeph | +6391 7583 3881

At Stock At Home, you will find the comfort foods from the kitchen of my food stylist friend, Sharlene Tan. She's got everything from cheesy spinach dips, chicken pot pie, to lasagna. But my favourite is her Khao Soi Gai. It is perfect for those times you just want some hot, hearty, chicken noodle soup. Her serving size is definitely good for two.... even if I always end up consuming everything in one sitting.

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Selina Ocampo's recipes are a delight. She is known for her savoury and sweet galettes but recently added ginger peanut soba and smashed potato dishes to her menu. But my favourite is her pineapple walnut galette – a savoury and sweet pastry that's served with cream cheese and honey cream. I can't decide if I should eat this as a snack, dessert or both! 

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Brandless Treats


Cookies are personal. I can get a bit picky, to be honest. I like mine with chocolate chips, and not too sweet, with just the right balance of chunk, crunch, and chewiness. Brandless Treats cookies by Mickey Garcia hits all the marks. 

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