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Make the most out of your mealtime with our roundup of timely treats

This week, there is much to look forward to in the F&B scene. Beef lovers can enjoy a meat-filled dinner at Origin Grill with its limited-time Hida Wagyu beef menu. Then, take a trip to Fat Cow as it introduces a new variation of beef, kobujime Wagyu. While seafood lovers can indulge in a seafood platter at Greenwood Fish Market, or relax by the seaside at Offshore Bar & Grill. End off the week at Gemma Steakhouse, with its bottomless cocktail Sunday brunch, offering a four-course sharing menu and all-you-can-drink tipples. 

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Origin Grill

Satisfy your meat cravings at Origin Grill with its Hida Wagyu beef menu. Derived from Kuroge Wagyu, a type of black-haired cattle from the Gifu prefecture in Japan, this beef is distinctively juicy and beautifully marbled, with a buttery melt-in-the-mouth texture. 

Available from October 20 to November 14, diners can indulge in this celebrated beef through its selection of six a la carte dishes or its degustation menu.  A show stopper is its grilled Wagyu skewers, featuring succulent A5 Wagyu tenderloin lightly grilled in a Josper charcoal oven and glazed with a tangy yuzu marinade. This dish is lightly charred, bringing out the beef’s rich and natural flavours. 
Diners can also look forward to its Wagyu Sando, a spinoff from the common tonkatsu sandwich. It consists of A5 Wagyu ribeye, deep-fried to perfection and sandwiched between sliced bread. It's finished with a layer of black garlic mayonnaise, making for a delectable dish that is tender, juicy and filled with umami.

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Offshore Bar & Grill

Embark on a friendly kelong dining experience at Offshore Bar & Grill. Here, get to enjoy stunning seaside views as you indulge in barbecued delights. Opt for the Happy Feast, featuring a buffet-style selection of fresh seafood, meat and vegetables, including half a lobster, stingray fillet and char siu pork belly. Choose between grilling the meats over a charcoal grill or in a hotpot, shabu-shabu style. As its menu changes seasonally, diners are encouraged to check with the staff on fresh imports. 
With its Really Super Happy Free-Flow, you can complement the dishes with endless rounds of tipples. Select from a range of tipples including Black Cab, Smirnoff vodka, Jose Cuervo tequila and Terrazas Alttos Chardonnay. 
Offshore Bar and Grill | 50 Tanah Merah Ferry Road #01-02, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, S(498833) | 9437 8922

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Book Ahead: Fat Cow

To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, Fat Cow will be presenting a special omakase menu available for dinner from November 1 to December 31. Take a trip down memory lane with classic and new dishes.

Look forward to long-time favourites, including its sukiyaki, featuring snow-aged Wagyu with thinly shaved truffles atop Japanese egg yolk. This menu also introduces a beautiful new creation—kobujime Wagyu. Kobujime refers to a heritage curing method, where protein is wrapped in kombu and left to rest. The kobujime Wagyu beef with botan ebi—available as part of its omakase special—features bite-sized slices of Fat Cow’s new beef topped with botan ebi and dried mullet roe. Experience a multitude of flavours coming together with each bite, from the briny mullet roe to the rich and perfectly marbled beef.
The luxurious Wagyu is also featured in Fat Cow’s kobujime premium donburi, found in its a la carte menu. Topped with thinly sliced kobujime Wagyu, juicy Japanese leeks and mouth-watering dollops of mountain caviar, this bowl is rich, luxurious and comforting.

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Greenwood Fish Market

Visit Greenwood Fish Market for a seafood feast, in celebration of its 18th birthday. Available from October 20 to October 31, this eatery will be offering the anniversary plateau de fruits de mer platter, featuring the best seafood directly imported from around the world.
The platter is offered in two styles, western and Asian. Recommended for seafood lovers, its western-style platter allows diners to indulge in Scottish langoustine (lobster), Russian king crab legs, and more. Its Asian platter is curated for the local palate, focusing on comforting and familiar flavours—diners can look forward to Hokkaido scallops, salmon sashimi and Manila clams.

Greenwood Fish Market (multiple locations) | 31 Ocean Way, #01-04, S(098375) | 6262 0450

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Gemma Steakhouse

End the week with a bottomless cocktail Sunday brunch at Gemma Steakhouse. In collaboration with Smoke & Mirrors, this Sunday brunch provides diners with a four-course sharing menu—dishes include spanner crab ravioli, charcoal roasted maitake (mushroom), and yellowfin tuna tartare. For meat lovers, opt for the Gemma duo steak, featuring a premium duo of Jack’s Creek beef tenderloin and sanchoku Wagyu skirt.
Complement your meal with cocktails from a selection of five craft cocktails, such as Smoky Tea Gimlet (botanist gin, homemade tea cordial, bitters and smoke), Why So Serious (homemade tepache, Campari lime, sugar and soda) and By The Padang (Mount Gay Eclipse rum, apple cordial and soda).

Gemma Steakhouse | 1 St Andrews Road, National Gallery, #05-03, S(178957) | 8787 0977


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