Comfort food that's also fusion: the online sushi bake trend is far from over. Here's where you can get yours today!

Japanese food has always been a Filipino favourite, but with restaurants closed during lockdown, people have been finding it difficult to get their sushi fix. Enter: sushi bake (or baked sushi, whichever you prefer). This new food trend has only recently emerged online, but it's already a big hit. Home cooks and restaurant chefs alike have crafted, concocted, and perfected their own versions and are ready to serve you. Here's where you can find them! 

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Sushi Nori

Everyone's favourite sushi joint has come up with their own version of the sushi bake tray — they call it: oiishi trays. They come in a variety of flavours including aburi oiishi (salmon, tamago, ebiko, aburi sauce) and kani (kani, crunchy tempura flakes, ebiko, teriyaki mayo), plus spicy variants of each. Try each mouthwatering recipe when you buy a pan that's good for 2-4 people. 




This Banawe restaurant has come up with ingenious flavours for an all-in-one tray of sushi bake goodness. Indecisive diners can order the california maki, salmon truffle, wasabi cheese melt, and salmon teriyaki flavours all at once! But if you have a favourite, pans are also available for separate flavours. Each tray is good for 5-6 people. 

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Kani Allie

Enjoy homemade goodness from Kani Allie, a local business that began with a mother's love. Using her two adorable children as inspiration, Kani Allie has served over 300 families with trays of delicious sushi bake that come in two flavours: the OG Ninja (creamy salmon and kani) and the Oppa Ninja (a spicy Korean version that involves thinly cut slices of beef and rice). Order a combination of both flavours for a delicious family meal. 


On a diet? Then maybe Isabel's keto-friendly cauli maki is what you need. Substituting white rice with cauliflower, Isabel's has managed to create a version of sushi bake that's lighter on the tummy but just as delicious. Each bowl is good for 1-2 people and comes in kani mango flavour or salmon cream cheese.

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Nama Baked Sushi

Nama Baked Sushi takes seafood up a notch with a combination of delicious sushi bake flavours. They have tuna baked sushi and salmon baked sushi, each served with eel sauce. More adventurous eaters can also try their ebi baked sushi with wasabi mayo. If you're overwhelmed by all the choices, you can always order a two-way tray (with tuna and salmon) or a trio that combines all their flavours into a single pan. 

Keto Delights

Another healthy option for those looking to be careful with their diet. Keto Delights has launched their own low-carb version of sushi bake which include flavours like keto baked sushi, keto baked sushi with sriracha, and their latest (for Father's Day), keto baked salmon sushi. 

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Red Mittens

Made with a generous helping of roe on top, Red Mittens serves up a classic sushi bake flavour that's sure to be a hit to everyone at home. They've served over 1,000 friends and families in just a month and continue to be well-received by their customers. They've also expanded their menu with something called the Sushi Beef, which is much like sushi bake but topped with beef teriyaki and cream over a bed of fluffy white rice. 

Eleven Baker Street

Eleven Baker Street has a pretty interesting flavour on their menu: uni, or sea urchin! They claim that the buttery texture that accompanies uni's naturally briny flavour and umami taste are what makes it perfect for this unique recipe. They add generous helpings of uni cream, kani, ebiko, along with their special secret sauce to make it a taste experience like no other. 

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By Madam Rose

Madam Rose's California baked roll is just as good as it looks —and that's saying something, considering their presentation is impeccable. Served with sheets of seaweed and thinly sliced mangoes, their classic sushi bake flavour is exactly what you've been craving for this whole quarantine. 

The Kitchen MNL

If you're looking for something with a little crunch to it, look no further than at The Kitchen's sushi bake. They have the classic California roll (with Kewpie, mango, kani, and roe) alongside the exciting salmon teriyaki crunch (with cream cheese, eel sauce, salmon, and panko or breadcrumbs). Stay tuned for new flavours on their Instagram account as well, as they seem to be hinting at a new, decadent flavour coming soon. 

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Sushi Bake Aburi

Sushi Bake Aburi has eponymously perfected flame searing. Their torched sushi bake has a delicious crunch that comes with the promised aburi flavour we love so much. Topped with special sauce and kani, this new brand is available for delivery in all parts of Metro Manila. 

Suzy's Kitchen

Cheese lovers unite with this delicious sushi bake from Suzy's Kitchen. Their spicy cheesy baked cali maki is an exciting mix of Japanese flavours topped with mouthwatering, stretchy cheese. They also have a variant made with cream cheese for those looking for milder flavours. Filipino food lovers will be delighted to know that they've also created a baked adobo maki flavour that's perfect for homemade fusion cuisine!

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Taste And Tell

Taste and Tell offers three varieties of their sushi bake recipe: kani, scallop and salmon, and umami unagi. Since their inception just a few weeks ago, they've amassed a large online following, not to mention a loyal fanbase of hungry customers; Jinkee Pacquiao, Scarlet Snow Belo, Maxene Magalona, and Gretchen Barretto are just a few of the people on that list. Discover for yourself what makes all these people fall in love with the addictive flavours of Taste and Tell. 

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