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Executive chef Harada Junji offers the best bounties of the seas in bite-sized form at Sushi Hara

Spearheaded by executive chef Harada Junji, an appreciator of clean and elevated omakase, Sushi Hara is home to a breadth of gastronomical wonders. Hailing from Japan, Harada leads a team of talented, steady-handed chefs who are masters at the art of sushi. Unearthing classic yet contemporary and indulgent omakase menus, Sushi Hara allows devout sushi connoisseurs to experience a taste of Japan without stepping onto a plane.

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Seamlessly blending in with the energy of The Linc KL, the quaint Japanese establishment offers a smorgasbord of delicacies spanning original classics as well as new creations inspired by each season’s produce. Given the pure simplicity of Sushi Hara's crown jewels bundled up with the chefs' earnestness, the Japanese restaurant has piqued the interest of gourmands since it opened in March 2019.

Ensuring a comprehensive experience for patrons, Sushi Hara offers a variety of omakase menus, the signature one being the Hara Omakase. The seven-course meal transports fervent diners to the culinary world of Japan.

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The Hara Omakase begins with an exquisite melding of sweet-savoury notes. Be it the uni tofu or aki shake shirako tofu, each appetiser whets the appetite with seasonal ingredients. Diners are also greeted by seasonal catches, including maguro yuke, raw tuna doused with sweet teriyaki sauce, egg yolk and ginger flower, and ukusa, fish meat mixed with egg.

The anticipation of the omakase meal builds up with Sushi Hara's sashimi platter that puts the spotlight on bluefin tuna, snapper and conger eel (also known as chutoro, tennen tai and hamo)—premium cuts of fish flown in from Japan. Dipping the raw fish in soy sauce mixed with sprinkles of aromatic opa flower make the seafood's shine all the more.

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Additional highlight in the seven-course meal include the signature chawan mushi. Laced with foie gras and truffles, this version of the dish is sumptuous; the complexities of its unorthodox taste leave a memorable impression.

Another exceptional dish is the wild-caught shrimp cooked with uni yaki. Creamy and decadent, this hot dish is served with condiments including kombu seaweed and tomato marinated with wine.

Topped with aka isaki, shima aji, katsuo, otoro and engawa(red grunt, striped jack, skipjack tuna, fatty tuna and tail fin of a flatfish), the sushi selection melts in your mouth like butter. Every season, Chef Harada will showcase spectacular new catches too.

After the main courses, miso soup is normally served, but Sushi Hara treats its diners to suimono, a light, clear seafood-based soup. The flavourful and fragrant broth simmered with mushrooms and squid are chock full of hamaguri clams.

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It's not all savoury delights at Sushi Hara. In fact, the desserts are just as enticing, especially the homemade peanut mochi served with Japanese Yubali melon and matcha ice cream. Take your time to dissect the dessert before savouring all the components altogether.

If you’re only here for drinks, choose from Sushi Hara's traditional blends of sake. Going the extra mile, the restaurant encourages customers to choose their own beautifully crafted glasses, lending the experience a personal touch.

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