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COOKHOUSE, a new Malaysian startup, is beckoning chefs, bakers, and food entrepreneurs to move into its cloud kitchen in Petaling Jaya

Taking a page from the success met by co-working spaces, COOKHOUSE is geared to become the first premium co-cooking or cloud kitchen space in the country.

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"We are looking to build a platform of like-minded individuals who are passionate about food and business," states founder and serial entrepreneur Huen Su San. "COOKHOUSE aims to be an incubator and a community for food entrepreneurs."

Benefits to joining a cloud kitchen include:

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Futuristic Facilities & Equipment

Spanning 10,000 square feet, the brand spanking new space is the dream kitchen that most foodpreneurs can only dream of. Rather than break out a bank loan to cover high renovation fees, COOKHOUSE members can make full use of the following:

  • Five private kitchen studios
  • A shared baking production
  • Asian and Western kitchens
  • A prep kitchen
  • Walk-in freezers and chillers
  • Dry storage facilities
  • Packing facilities
  • A loading area
  • Food delivery pick-up stations

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24/7 Access & Maintenance

Not unlike 24/7 gym membership, round-the-clock access is one of the perks of joining the COOKHOUSE community. Have 300 cupcakes to bake over the weekend? Work hard and smart at COOKHOUSE by using its well-equipped space into the wee hours of the night.

Another boon to working in a cloud kitchen is the lack of interferences. "Residents can worry less about equipment maintenance, renovation and pest control, and instead focus on building their business ideas and satisfying their customers," says Huen.

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Community Building

Shiny equipment aside, COOKHOUSE is chiefly about making connections — even friendships. Made up of all walks of life, members can bounce ideas off one another, trade skills, conduct taste tests and enjoy camaraderie. Collaborations and partnerships may even sprout from this commercial-grade facility.

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Food Delivery's Bright Future

An ironic outcome from lockdown is that the consumer has become a competitor. Home cooks and bakers looking to monetise their talents at the stove may be prevented from expanding due to lack of space and resources, but with COOKHOUSE, can realise that dream.

Business is still shaky for walk-in restaurants and cafés, hence food delivery's advantage at present. The cloud kitchen is outfitted with pick-up stations — all the better for creating a systematic flow for food delivery partners such as GrabFood and FoodPanda.

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For more information, visit COOKHOUSE’s official website or Instagram page.