The iconic British chef proves an affinity for some of our most challenging traditional treats

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On May 18 and 19, British icon Fergus Henderson will be making an appearance at Blue Butcher, for the second time since his inaugural visit exactly a year ago. What better time than to take a dip into the Tatler archives and unearth this never-before-seen footage of Henderson taking a culinary tour through the heart of Hong Kong with Maximal Concepts’ Malcolm Wood and Matt Reid?

We followed the trio as they ambled through Graham Street, one of Hong Kong’s oldest street markets, with Henderson gamely taking in all the sights, smells, and sounds – the pigs’ trotters and heads being of particular interest, naturally.


Above Videography: Tyrone Wu/T.Dining Hong Kong

An impromptu decision to stop for lunch led us to Lin Heung Teahouse on Wellingon Street – rather serendipitous, considering this historic dim sum parlour is one of the few remaining places where one can find traditional Cantonese delights such as pig’s liver or quail egg siu mai.

Henderson tucked into everything we threw at him with relish – from goose web (a little tricky tackling with chopsticks) and braised pomelo skin to fluffy steamed brown sugar cake.