Cover The Sexy Chef vegan, plant-based Tokyo Dog

If you need some help getting into the swing of plant-based, vegan eating, give these meat-free burgers and hotdogs a try

The Sexy Chef, a meal-plan delivery service founded by sisters chef Barnie Alejando-Rennbeck and Rachel Alejandro, is known for calorie-controlled dishes that are packed with flavour. Created in 2004, the brand has always put health and nutrition at the centre of all that they do, aiming to help Filipinos reach their fitness goals. These entrepreneurial sisters began cooking out of their Lola’s kitchen and have since transitioned to commanding a team of trained cooks and nutritionists in order to craft tasty, well-rounded meals to make weight management and wellness goals less daunting. 

As of late, they’ve launched a new line of plant-based meat substitutes using Century Pacific Foods, Inc.'s unMEAT! Through Good Dogs & Burgers by The Sexy Chef, you can indulge in full-flavour meat-free favourites. You may not even realise you are eating plant-based! 

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They have developed four hotdogs featuring flavours from around the world. Each hotdog is true to the flavours of the cuisine it represents and does not hold back on the quality or quantity of its toppings. Try out their: K-Pop Dog with kimchi slaw, gochujang and furikake; Tokyo Dog with tri-color slaw, sesame dressing, and furikake; Bollywood Dog with lentil curry, tomato, cashew, cream dressing; and the Tex-Mex Dog with plant-based chili con "carne" and salsa verde. 

If you are a burger addict and are looking to reduce your red-meat intake, order the K-Pop Burger with kimchi slaw, gochujang and furikake, or the Mc Steamy barbecue cheeseburger with lettuce, vegan sharp cheddar cheese, and cashew cream barbecue sauce.

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Both comfort food favourites are caressed between fluffy buns, which only help elevate each bite. We all know how important good bread is; a plus is that The Sexy Chef uses vegan bread for all their Good Dogs & Good Burgers. 

We’ve tried them and can confirm that they are worth an order, and will totally help make your journey to a plant-based diet much smoother.

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