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What’s not to love about granola?

Hong Kong has seen a growing number of homemade granolas that are made with organic, nutrient-dense goodness that can be enjoyed as part of an energising breakfast, a midday snack or an add-on to your favourite recipe. To help you find the tastiest (and almost guilt-free) granolas in town, we've eaten our way through these seven brands to give you our verdict (in no particular order): 

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Granola flavour: QUOnola, QUOnola Red
Texture: Crispy
Superfood ingredients: Organic local honey and goji berries (QUOnola Red)/ dates (QUOnola)
Sugar content: QUOnola Red has ⅓ of the amount of honey used in QUOnola
Best goes with: QUOgurt—QUO’s coconut kefir yogurt

Freshly produced in a small batch locally every week, QUO’s handmade gluten-free granola is one for coconut lovers. With a slightly salty taste that goes perfectly with the coconut oil, the QUOnola Red is a guilt-free, tasty alternative that replaces the dates in QUOnola with goji berries and ⅓ amount of honey.

QUO's handmade gluten-free granola is priced at HK$98 (300g).

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Elephant Grounds

Granola flavour: Matcha Granola, Starstreet Granola
Texture: Fine and toasty
Superfood ingredients: Matcha, dried apricots
Sugar content: Match Granola is sweetened with natural sugar, while Starstreet Granola uses a mix of maple syrup and brown sugar
Best goes with: Any kind of milk or yogurt

If you like Elephant Grounds’ specialty coffee and ice-cream sandwiches, chances are you’ll enjoy their homemade granolas, too. Fans of matcha will love the Matcha Granola as the matcha powder is generously spread and gives a slight bitter taste which gets balanced out by the sweetness from the maple syrup and honey.

Starstreet Granola has a more clustery appearance and is made with extra thick rolled oats, apricot, brown sugar and butter—a no-fail blend that will sure satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Starstreet Granola is priced at HK$90 (200g) and Matcha Granola is priced at HK$75 (200g). 

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Granola flavour: Teakha homemade granola
Texture: Crunchy and nutty
Superfood ingredients: Ginger, dried apricots
Sugar content: A mix of honey and light brown sugar
Best goes with: Yogurt or as a snack on its own

Available on Teakha’s menu, Teakha’s signature granola is served with homemade yogurt, roselle compote, freshly cut pear and candied ginger. A mix of nuts, healthy seeds and fruits keeps things interesting, while honey and candied ginger add just enough sweetness. If you prefer to enjoy it with your choice of recipe, this Teakha favourite will be available for purchase at Teakha in March 2019 so you can mix and match at home. 

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Granola flavour: Lavender Orange Peel Granola, Toasted Coconut Granola, Ginger Spiced Granola
Texture: Balanced and well toasted
Superfood ingredients: Quinoa, chia seeds, goji berries, cinnamon
Sugar content: Maple syrup
Best goes with: Overnight oats or porridge

You might already know PÜRA VÏDA from their wholesome, delicious NÖCHE Purely Overnight Oats, and their latest granola creations are just as delightful. We tried all three flavours and were pleasantly surprised by how unique each one tastes—our favourite was Lavender Orange Peel Granola, which has a floral aroma and pairs perfectly with the orange peels. Toasted Coconut and Ginger Spiced are packed full of nutritious and energy-boosting promises, from quinoa, chia seeds, ground ginger to cranberries.

PÜRA VÏDA granolas are priced at HK$98 (210g). 

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The Mandarin Cake Shop

Granola flavour: Homemade granola
Texture: Dry, untoasted
Superfood ingredients: Coconut
Sugar content: Honey
Best goes with: Pancakes or bake in cookies/ bread

The Mandarin Cakeshop is one of our go-tos for indulgent gourmet pastries and desserts, and their homemade granola makes the perfect grab-and-go breakfast. Packaged in an eco-friendly Vegware parfait cup, the granola comes with yogurt in a separate compartment, which comes in handy for those who like their granola on the go. The berries placed on top of the yogurt adds extra texture and natural sweetness to the rather dry granola mix, which contains mainly oatmeal and nuts.

The Mandarin Cake Shop's granola with yogurt is priced at HK$98.

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Grassroots Pantry

Granola flavour: Grassroots Pantry homemade granola
Texture: Chewy
Superfood ingredients: Pistachios, macadamias
Sugar content: Coconut nectar
Best goes with: Non-dairy milk or smoothies

Found by Gen. T honouree Peggy Chan, Grassroots Pantry pioneered the plant-based eating movement in Hong Kong, and their homemade granola did not disappoint. The granola has more moisture and less crunchiness compared to regular granola, owing to the mixture of the soft ingredients—orange zest and cranberry—topped with coconut nectar. The whole macadamia nuts are satisfying and add a nice crunch to the rather chewy mixture.

Grassroots Pantry’s granola is priced at HK$98 (300g).

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Granola type: Bakehouse Homemade Original Mix
Texture: Chunky
Superfood ingredients: Pecans, pumpkin seeds
Sugar content: Maple Syrup
Best goes with: Ice-cream or frozen yogurt

We know Bakehouse’s pastries are dangerously irresistible—and so is their granola. This wholesome combination of pecans, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds and raisins comes in brilliantly chunky cluster, and if Bakehouse’s homemade cookies are anything to go by, this heavenly toasted granola mix will soon become your dessert, let alone breakfast.

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