The top list of filled pastas, which are beautiful both inside and out

We adore a lovely surprise, especially one on a dinner plate. Stuffed pasta often delivers on this front, being a dish in which the sauce, the fillings and supporting ingredients fuse to define the flavours that transcend the pasta’s often humble appearance. Here are five of these lovely surprises that delight us every time.


0- carboneravioli.jpg -

This New York-Italian import brings American-sized portions, and pastas are done particularly well. We enjoy the lobster ravioli a lot – the house-made pasta crescents are perfectly shaped with uniform scalloped edges, encasing rich lobster filling and a fine, creamy sauce spiked with a generous sprinkle of fine herbs. 

Carbone,  9/F LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central; +852 2593-2593


1- separavioli.jpg -

Ravioli with veal cheek and Parmigiano. These miniature golden pillows are filled with tender braised veal cheek with a thyme sauce enriched with butter and Parmigiano. With the sauce clinging on the ravioli, each bite is flavourful start to finish. 

Sepa,  61 Caine Road, Central; +852 2521-9800

Fish & Meat 

2- fishmeatraviolo.jpg -

A staple at Fish and Meat, this signature pasta dish has never been taken off the regular menu. The filling, a creamy combination of ricotta and mascarpone, is topped with a fresh duck egg yolk. Carefully poached and dressed with a sage butter sauce, is instant gratification from the moment you see the yolk oozing out like molten lava to moping the last bit of eggy butter sauce with the pasta. 

Fish & Meat,  1/F-2/F, 32 Wyndham Street, Central; +852 2565-6788


3- ammotortellini.jpg -

Homemade tortellini stuffed with Iberian pork and chorizo and parmesan cheese fondue. The serving may seem small, but these delicate tortellini are made just right. Folded with defined pleats, these tiny Italian dumplings are filled with meaty Iberian pork and chorizo, as well as the rich, creamy parmesan fondue that adds depth and richness to these bite-sized morsels. 

Ammo,  9 Justice Drive, Asia Society Hong Kong, Admiralty; +852 2537-9888

Doppio Zero 

4- doppiozeroravioli.jpg -

Beetroot ravioli. Fresh beets are braised in red wine, pureed and combined with gorgonzola dolce to make the creamy filling for the signature ravioli at this Italian restaurant. The filled half-moons shine with an eye-catching shade of puce through semi-translucent pasta wrapper. The creamy gongozola matches with the sweetness from the beetroot.

Doppio Zero,  G/F The Pemberton, 22 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan; +852 2851-0682


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