Here's where to find rice dumplings whether you're looking for a basic savoury sort, the sweet type as a sweet snack, or a luxurious one stuffed with abalone and premium seafood.

(Editor's Note: The dumplings at these places are all pork-free unless stated otherwise.)

The auspicious Zhong Festival, or more commonly known as Zhongzi among the Chinese, will be upon us in a few days. This is when rice dumplings, made of savoury glutinuous rice packed with a myriad of meats and seafood, are gifted and consumed among friends and family to mark the occasion.

Looking for some to complete your celebrations this year? Here's where to get your hands on them whether you're looking for a simple basic savoury dumpling, the sweet sort to be dipped in brown sugar as a sweet snack, or a luxurious one stuffed with abalone and premium seafood.

4- Shangri-La Shang Palace.jpg -

Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Shang Palace is celebrating with 4 different varieties of dumplings this year, each hand-made with a personal touch by Chinese Executive Chef Tan Kim Weng. If the 'Cantonese red and white glutinuous rice dumpling with abalone and supreme spicy sauce' does not tickle your fancy, the 'Hong Kong rice dumpling with dried scallop and assorted nuts' might. It also has a 'Nyonya rice dumpling with spiced dried shrimps' for something a little out of the ordinary. For the sweet variety, the 'sweetened rice dumpling with kidney beans and chestnut' will hit all the right spots. 

For more information or reservation enquiries, call 03 - 2074 3904 or email 


5- Mandarin Oriental Lai Po Heen.jpg -

Lai Po Heen, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Lai Po Heen has always surprised us with unique flavours not commonly found anywhere else and this year, it does not disappoint with 5 different offerings on its menu. The traditional 'chicken, dry winter melon, shallot and mushrooms dumpling' as well as the 'luxurious steamed supreme sea treasures and abalone dumpling' are there, but what really caught our eyes is the hearty 'deep-fried crispy eel glutinuous rice dumpling' that has Japanese eel, chestnut, peanut and XO sauce included in its making. Vegetarian options are also available like the 'vegetarian glutinuous rice dumpling' and of course, the 'sweet crystal glutinuous rice dumpling' that consists of kaya and pandan paste for a sweet and fragrant treat. 

For more information or reservation enquiries, call 03 - 2179 8885 or email


1- OneWorld Zuan Yuan.jpg -

Zuan Yuan, OneWorld Hotel

For this year's celebration, Zuan Yuan is bringing back its signature 'abalone rice dumpling' that features the luxurious 12-head abalone. Also on the menu are the '5-grain rice dumpling' that sees 5 different types of rice and grains used in its making and the 'cordycep flower and conpoy dumpling' that has salted egg yolk, mushroom, dried shrimp and sliced roasted duck and chicken. New this year is the '8 treasures rice dumpling' that is filled with a special salted roast duck. Those with a sweet tooth will delight in the 'red bean paste and lotus seed dumpling' that is made to go with a pot of Chinese tea. 

For more infromation or reservation enquiries, call 03 - 7681 1115 or email


2- Feast Village Luk Yu Tea House.jpg - 

Luk Yu Tea House, Feast Village, Starhill Gallery

Luk Yu serves up pork-free rice dumplings that are as renowned as its pork-free dim sum. It has the 'traditional dried oyster and marinated chicken dumpling' as well as the 'minced chicken, fragrant shallot and chilli dumpling', but it also has a special 'smoked duck with chestnut and black eye bean dumpling' for something a little more special. Its sweet variety includes a unique 'dumpling stuffed with fresh coconut shreds in Nyonya-style' that will tickle any coconut lover's fancy. 

For more information or reservation enquiries, call 03 - 2715 9000. 

0- Concorde Xin Cuisine.jpg -

Xin Cuisine, Concorde Hotel (non-halal)

Xin Cuisine is offering 3 types of dumplings this year with a focus on traditional and authentic recipes. Take your pick from the 'Supreme dumpling', the 'savoury dumpling' or the 'chicken Nyonya dumpling', each of which will evoke the best flavours and memories of your celebrations from generations past. You'll find the dumpling staples of dried mushrooms, chestnuts and salted egg yolk in each one for a delicious treat, just like mum made them.

For more information or reservation enquiries, call 03 - 2144 2200.


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