Thai tea, Wasabi Lychee and Guinness stout -- the new wave of artisan desserts are quirky, playful and perfect for hot days.

Summer is just around the corner and there is one food that cannot go amiss to battle off the heat when you're down at the beach – ice cream!

Since Malaysia is a tropical country that is hot and humid for most parts of the year (even when it’s raining), it is the perfect excuse for us to indulge in the creamy and delicious frozen dessert on a daily basis without mulling over the calories it entails.

So, along with the new wave of artisanal food culture, we searched high and low for these five amazing artisan ice creams in Kuala Lumpur to help you cool down the heat and satiate the sweet tooths.

0- Last polka.jpg - The Last polka
The Last Polka

As one of the pioneers in the local artisanal ice cream scene, The Last Polka is the best in town with their wide selection of flavours including Salted Gula Melaka, Horlicks and Teh Tarik that bring a touch of nostalgia to our taste buds. If you are on the adventurous side, go for its crazier flavours like the Guinness stout or the celebrity-inspired, Kuah Jenhan (peanut butter and jelly) ice cream.

The Last Polka is available at Artisan Roast BV II. Tel: +603 5612 8083; Website:

3- fru-t-pop2.jpg - Fru-T-Pop

For fruit lovers, there is not better place to go than Fru-T-Pop for a flavoursome and wholesome fruit popsicle, made with 100% fruits. Known to be gluten and dairy-free, these popsicles cater to those who love a healthy bite, even for their desserts. Flavours range from mango and coconut, dragon fruit and red grapes to the lime, calamansi and green apple combo.

Fru-T-Pop is available at Pop Central, Sri Hartamas. Tel: +6010 2135 400; Website:

4- The potong.jpg - The Potong artisanal pops
The Potong Artisanal Pops

Ais potong is, without a doubt, the staple Malaysian style ice cream but this form of dessert almost became a lost art until we found The Potong Artisanal Pops. The establishment brought ais potong back to the front lines of frozen desserts with innovative flavours like Wasabi Lychee and Cherry Root Beer. 

The Potong Artisanal Pops is available at Publika, Solaris Dutamas. Tel: +6016 682 2221; Website:

1- fatbaby2.jpg - Fat Baby ice cream
Fat Baby Ice Cream

Considered the new player in town at a year old, Fat Baby Ice Cream is already making waves in the frozen district. Its specialty lies in making ice cream out of childhood snacks like cornflakes, coconut candy and peanut butter and fudge. However, the crème de la crème of Fat Baby is the classic vanilla ice cream made with the Queen Bean of vanilla beans, the Madagascar variety, resulting in a rich and silky smooth vanilla delight.

Fat Baby Ice Cream is available at Podgy and The Banker. Website:

2- Forty licks.jpg - Forty Licks
Forty Licks

It is no surprise that this particular artisanal ice cream has a celebrity cult following that includes Azura Zainal, Cheryl Samad and Tony Eusoff for its one of a kind ice cream flavours infused with beverages like Thai tea, Earl Grey and Bailey's Irish coffee. Now you can enjoy your favourite cup of tea, coffee or alcohol in the form of frozen desserts, what more could one ask for?

Forty Licks is available at Stuff Your Face Cafe, Bangsar Shopping Centre. Tel: +603 2287 3070; Website:


(Photos courtesy of all respective outlets)

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