Cover Indulge in delicious bubble tea at The Upper House x Mother Pearl pop-up (Photo: Courtesy of The Upper House)

This summer, The Upper House and Mother Pearl invites you to relax at a hidden oasis and indulge in a selection of mouth-watering vegan bubble tea from June 3 to August 31

This summer, retreat to a guilt-free oasis at The Upper House x Mother Pearl pop-up at the hotel's The Lawn and Level 6. Mother Pearl, the first and only vegan bubble tea purveyor in Hong Kong is offering a selection of its beloved vegan bubble tea to guests from June 3 to August 31. This is the latest pop-up at The Upper House following Honi Honi and C’est Cheese – The House Cheeserie.

Mother Pearl is everything a bubble tea lover would expect but a healthier alternative, with freshly-made plant-based mylk, natural sweetener and handcrafted tapioca packed with delight, nutrition and insatiable deliciousness. It's basically your favourite bubble tea just with a unique spin, using plant-based ingredients and modern techniques.

The pop-up menu will showcase Mother Pearl's signature and best-selling bubble teas as well as new drinks and vegan bakeries exclusively offered at The Upper House. The best-seller, Yuen Yeung is the perfect combination of Hong Kong-style milk tea and organic coffee made with almond milk. The Yuen Yeung base, monkfruit sugar tea jelly and activated charcoal tapioca is topped with organic coffee froth for a smooth and creamy texture.

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Those looking for a balanced drink can get the Taro Mo-latte, which offers rich dietary fibre, combining homemade taro paste, blackstrap molasses, oat cashew mylk and activated charcoal tapioca. For more of a buzz without the guilt, the Affogato with vegan ice cream is a must-have item for your extra dose of caffeine, available exclusively at The Upper House. This dessert uses 100 per cent Fairtrade organic espresso with a scoop of Happy Cow vanilla vegan ice cream and a spoonful of activated charcoal tapioca.

Besides the selection of bubble tea to indulge in, Mother Pearl, The Upper House and wellness consultancy iLiving, is also hosting a somatic singing bowl meditation session on June 12 for Global Wellness Day, followed by refreshments at the pop-up. The hour-long meditation session will guide guests to release anxiety from a deep level and restore innate peace and joy. The session will end with a clean and sustainable bubble tea prepared by Mother Pearl.

In case you miss this month's meditation session, Mother Pearl will host monthly events throughout their pop-up residency at The Upper House. For more details, please visit this website.

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The Upper House x Mother Pearl pop-up runs from June 3 to August 31 from 11 am to 7 pm daily