Satisfy your inner chocoholic with our comprehensive guide to the best chocolate spots in town so you can enjoy it just the way you like it.

1. Seniman Kakao

Independent chocolatiers Seniman Kakao's mission is to take Malaysian cocao, grade it by hand, add as little cane sugar as necessary to produce top quality chocolates for us to enjoy. Their simple yet attention-to-detail approach to making chocolates goes across 3 major products – chocolate bars, drinking chocolate and chocolate nibs.

2. Benns Chocolate

With over two decades worth of premium chocolate making experience, Benns Chocolate delivers products in Singapore and Malaysia. They've got chocolate teas, chocolate bars, freeze dried fruit dark chocolates and a wide range of other chocolate goodies, all viewable on their website.

3. Nayuta Chocolatasia

Japanese craftsmanship meets South East Asian cocoa, Nayuta Chocolatasia can be found in Isetan The Japan Store. Using carefully selected cacao from the region, Malaysia included, this chocolatier embraces its Japanese-Malaysian identity to great results, resulting in delicious bars and bon bons.

4. Cocoraw

Setting up shop in Bangsar and producing small batches of chocolates made with fresh dairy and no artificial or preservative nonsense, Cocoraw takes their chocolate seriously. With Malaysian flavours such as Ipoh White Coffee and Salted Gula Melaka, these chocs are definitely worth the calories.

5. Chocolate Concierge

Selling themselves as chocoholics who make quality Malaysian chocolates with an emphasis on bean origin, this artisanal chocolatier believes in making fresh confectionary to ensure maximum enjoyment. From chocolate truffles to barks, you can pick up a box at Jason's Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre.

6. Love 18

Handmade chocolates are the order of the day here, at a full blown chocolate cafe set up at Setiawalk Puchong. Love 18 began as a small operation but has since grown into a flourishing chocolatier in their own right. If traveling to Puchong sounds like a hassle, you can even order their chocolates online.

7. Royce'

Chocoholics can't be the only ones who know of Royce', one of Japan's leading chocolatiers. Hailing from Hokkaido, they are famous for their cold and smooth nama chocolates as well as their chocolate coated potato chips, a weird yet satisfactory combination. If you haven't tried them yet, they're available in most major shopping malls.


8. Godiva

Synonymous with luxury, Belgian chocolatiers Godiva is no stranger to the cocoa scene. With a worldwide presence and a range of delicious treats, now serving soft-serve ice cream as well, Godiva can be found all throughout the country at most major shopping mall destinations. They may be a chocolate empire but they got to where they are today for a reason, they do chocolates really well.

9. Patchi

Like Godiva, Patchi has a long history as a chocolatier with a global presence specialising in luxury chocolates. The chocolate boutique offers grand chocolate themed gift boxes, making it a go-to spot for those looking to gift a slice of opulence.

10. Leonidas

Belgian chocolate pralines are the specialty of Leonidas, a premium chocolate shop based in Publika that has been operating since 1913. Though pralines steal the spotlight, Leonidas also sells ice-cream, confectionary and regular chocolates to make for a one-stop sweet treat shop.

11. Choco Loco Caffe

Yes, chocolate cafes are a thing and they are suprisingly numerous. Choco Loco Caffe over at Solaris Dutamas is one such place, offering all sorts of chocolate coated goodies to satisfy your cravings. Here's a tip: their sizzling brownies with dark Belgium chocolate sauce goes great with a cup of hot coffee.

12. Dip N Dip

Rather popular, Dip N Dip is a dessert shop that gained popularity due to their indulgent chocolate creations that has since expanded to multiple locations across Malaysia and even beyond the country. Chocolate crepes and waffles are specialities over here, but the cafe goes beyond those and offers a little bit of something for everyone.

13. Molten Chocolate Cafe

It's in the name, so you know they're serious about chocolate when it comes down to it. Focusing on European and American flavours of chocolate, guests can enjoy a wide variety of chocolate covered goodness at Molten, including crepes, waffles, fondues, brownies and more. With over 8 branches around the Klang Valley, it's hard to disupute that this homegrown brand is carving a name for themselves.

14. Salon Du Chocolat

"Our philosophy is to produce the highest quality, prestigious gifts to an elite group of chocolate indulgers," so says Salon Du Chocolat over at Publika. Something as simple as hot chocolate or a bowl of rice crispies paired with your choice of chocolate can go a long way to putting a smile on your face here.

15. Marquise Pâtisserie Chocolaterie

Patisseries and chocolates go hand-in-hand at this dedicated gourmet chocolate maker. This Bangsar Shopping Centre located shop claims to only use the finest Belgian cocoa in their signature truffles, bars, cakes and pastries, so you would be hard pressed not to find something you like. 

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