Suitable as a snack, side dish or as the main course, chicken wings are easy to love and hard to put down once you start. An almost unanimously loved food, we've scouted the Klang Valley to bring you all the restaurants that make a mean plate of this delicious bird.

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Wong Ah Wah

Ask any KL dweller where to find some of the best chicken wings and there's a strong possibility Wong Ah Wah's name might pop up. While not exclusively known for their barbecued wings, these smoky, addictive pieces of bird are worth just the visit alone.

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Sekai No Yamachan

This famous Japanese restaurant from Nagoya puts chicken wings front and centre. Situated at Plaza Arkadia, Yamachan's wings are dangerously addictive, making for a perfect companion to a glass of highball or beer. Peppery, salty and crispy, it's the best excuse to indulge in a large plate tower of 100 pieces. If we could do it, you can too.

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4 Fingers

Born in Singapore yet spreading its wings to Malaysia, 4 Fingers is an extremely popular spot to pick up a satisfying chicken wing combo platter. Their signature "crispy wings" comes in either soy garlic or hot flavours, which are both pretty tasty in theur own right.

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Chicken House

This popular non-halal restaurant is a go-to choice for many KFC (Korean fried chicken) fans in the Ampang and Solaris area, both Little Korea neighbourhoods in their own right. With options to have your wings with or without flour and cooked in a myriad of East/West flavours, Chicken House has proven to be a great place to indulge in the South Korean pastime of having chicken wings with beer or soju.

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Choo Choo Chicken

Another Korean fried chicken restaurant, Choo Choo Chicken promises fresh chicken delivered daily and cooked using Korean techniques to ensure the best tasting juiciest wings. Pair your sinful pieces of bird with sweet chilli, cheese, korean rice cakes and a whole list of popular dishes at this popular chain.

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Korean influenced but with a fusion twist taken from other cuisines, Powerplant offers golden salted egg yolk, hot and spicy, as well as soy garlic chicken wings that are fried à la Korean style. Satisfying with a soju cocktail or just with a glass of beer, this growing neighbourhood gastropub is nice spot to fuel up on Korean booze and wings.

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Eung Chicken

Although relatively new to the KFC scene, Eung Chicken out of Damansara Uptown boasts to not only having "the best Korean Fried Chicken" in town but to have wings that are healthy. How you may ask? The restaurant claims that they fry their birds to drain as much fat as possible using a high smoking point to remove the bad effects of deep frying. Whether you buy that is a different question altogther, but the wings are still appetising.

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K Fry

Gaining fame out of Johor Bahru and recently expanding with two outlets in the Klang Valley, K Fry offers 7 different flavours for their wings that can be enjoyed with or without the restaurant chain's special cheese sauce. Like most KFC joints, the restaurant also has a bunch of other non-fried chicken related items on the menu, all mostly being Korean comfort foods.

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The Chicken Cafe

This Korean bistro in Desa Sri Hartamas has made quite a name for itself serving up a focused menu that prioritises chicken wings cooked in a variety of delicious sauces. Fondue chicken is sure to be a hit with cheese lovers, while the garlic wings and the unexpected Buffalo wings mixes things up a little for those looking for something different.

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One of the older Korean fried chicken restaurant chains in Malaysia, Kyochon has remained strong due to their commitment to use 100 per cent natural ingredients, to use only the freshest, healthiest chickens and to never serve "fast food". They do indeed walk the talk and serve a tasty array of wings.

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Greyhound Cafe

Moving over from KFC to TFC (Thai fried chicken), Greyhound Cafe from Bangkok takes a spot on this list for their famous fried chicken wings marinated in fish sauce. Delectable, they easily complement other dishes with its salty and savoury flavour combo.

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NeNe Chicken

Opening earlier this year, NeNe Chicken is the latest large fried chicken wing chain to come from South Korea. Flavours like bulgogi, "swicy" (sweet and spicy), rendang and "freaking hot" make them stand out from the rest.

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Maruhi Sakaba

The Japanese also make a mean pair of wings, especiall when it comes to yakitori. Maruhi Sakaba over in Taman Desa is a favourite haunt of ours here at T.Dining, and their tebasaki (chicken wings) are a must order when there. Needless to say, this isn't a chicken wing focused joint but instead is just one of those restaurants that does them really well.

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Chicken focused yakitori restaurant Toridoki over in Desa Sri Hartamas also serves a delicious pair of chicken wings that you'll most likely want to order more than just one skewer. Grilled, salted and just plain old tasty, the restaurant's tebasaki ranks high on our list when it comes to yakitori style wings.

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America's "fastest growing chicken restaurant" comes to Malaysia with rapid expansion and 10 flavours to choose to enjoy your wings with. While fried chicken wings are the general order of the day at Wingstop, grilled versions are also available for a healthier alternative.