Going to one of these colourful countries in Asia for a holiday and looking for a souvenir? Buy these essential snacks.

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Polvoron, Philippines

Our writer Kathlyn D'Souza opts for polvoron. 

Why this snack?
It’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Filipino snacks as it’s so heavily imbued in their culture. 

Why is this a must buy? 
Polvoron sweets are associated with celebrations and they would be the first "happy" thing that Filipinos think about when asked what to buy from the country. And they don’t only come in one generic flavour, it’s like a surprise each time.

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Thai Toffee, Thailand

Tien Chew on the other hand, prefers tangy toffee.

Why this snack?
Thai toffee is different to that of traditional toffee, infusing local fruits to give it an edge that makes it unique, fun and exotic.

Why is this a must buy? 
It's toffee with fruits! It's playfully chewy, not too sweet and slightly tangy. It's relatively affordable and a packet comes with more than handful, making it easily shareable.

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Fried Crickets, Cambodia

Editor Dian Kaur prefers something not for the faint-hearted.

Why this snack?
These snacks (crickets, beetles, spider, scorpions) are perfect for playing truth or dare during happy hours with your colleagues upon your return. 

Why is this a must buy? 
This snack isn’t for everyone, only the brave need apply. It will not only add some cheer (or tear) into the lives of your family and friends back home, it also has a long history in Khmer cuisine. 

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Irvins Salted Egg Snacks, Singapore

Our digital director Jean Goon always weigh in, unable to resist the allure of Irvins' snacks.

Why this snack?
It's downright delicious! I'm a big fan of salted egg yolk dishes and I find that this tastes like the real deal. 

Why is this a must buy? 
Salted egg yolk chips have been done before but this has been the best attempt so far. If you have ever ordered salted egg yolk sotong while at dinner with friends, get this for them! 

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Kuih Cincin, Sabah/Brunei

Writer Jessica Liew highlights her favourite snack from her hometown.

Why this snack?
This snack of Brunei-Malay origin is also a common delicacy in neighbouring Sabah (my hometown), where the floral-shaped ‘ring cake’ is solidly integrated as a Sabahan signature food. 

Why is this a must buy?
Besides it being suitable for both lovers of savoury and sweet, kuih cincin is a powerful example of food as a multi-cultural heritage. It’s durable for long, bumpy flights and has a relatively long shelf life too. 

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Calbee Honey Butter Chips, Korea

Nafisa Akil spent some time living in Korea, causing her to develop a craving for these chips.

Why this snack?
Unlike other Korean snacks, which are either sea-weed flavoured or come with traces of kimchi, shell fish and gochujang, this is one is a refreshing delight.

Why is this a must buy? 
Simply because they are delicious! Your family and friends wouldn’t expect a Korean snack to be devoid of spices and strong flavours, since the chips are mild flavoured they work for every palette and not too greasy to consume. 

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