Discover what makes Macallan whiskies the benchmark for single malts

In an intimate whisky pairing luncheon at Solaire’s highly exclusive Macallan Whisky Bar, Singaporean celebrity and Macallan’s Brand Advocate Randall Tan, along with The Edrington Group’s Senior Brand Executive, Samantha Chan, shared what makes Macallan single-malts unique and top of the line – their six pillars.


The Spiritual Home

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This refers to Macallan’s grand highland estate built in 1700. The estate covers 378 acres of land with one and a half miles of fishing beat. Macallan has set aside fields to plant their own barley and extract their own mineral water for the creation of the whisky.


Curiously Small Stills

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Macallan maintains small copper stills – regarded as the smallest on Speyside. They use these small stills to retain the heavy, oily and robust flavours of the “new make” spirit.


The Finest Cut

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Only taking about 16 per cent of the final distillation, Macallan makes sure that they collect the best quality of “new make” spirit. This colourless spirit is then the starting point in creating the whisky.


Exceptional Oak Casks

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Randall Tan shares that Macallan only uses American and Spanish Oak casks to make the Macallan. The brand maintains the highest quality of casks and spends a lot on sourcing, building, seasoning and caring for its casks.


Natural Colour

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The colours and aromas of the end products are naturally produced from the casks it was matured in. Macallan does not add any artificial or caramel colouring in making their whisky. This shows the high level of skill in maintaining the consistency of colour from bottle to bottle.


Peerless Spirit

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Led by their Master of Spirits, Macallan noses a variety of casks and marry them to create the world-renowned expressions that Macallan is known for. One particular expression, the Macallan President, is exclusively available at the Macallan Whisky Bar at Solaire’s Sky Tower.

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