You experience contactless payments and dine al-fresco with The Grid at Rockwell Streetside every day starting 12 February

The Grid at Rockwell Streetside is giving you a great reason to enjoy the outdoors without compromising your safety—and it's the al-fresco dining pop-up that recently opened on 5 February.

Right after your daily jog or stroll, head over to Rockwell Streetside for a hearty breakfast. Because as early as 8 am, you can drop by Spicebird, The Sunny Side Cafe and EDSA BDG to dine al-fresco on Lopez Drive.

You can enjoy safe alfresco dining at your favourite The Grid destinations like Bad Habits, Flowerboy, Le Chon, Gochu-gang, Beefier, Babu, La Chinesca, Samyan, Granivore, and Bun Appetit. These dining destinations are open from 11am through 9pm. 

To try out contactless ordering, simply visit and click on Rockwell Streetside Menu to begin adding your orders to cart. Then choose Rockwell Streetside as venue and pay online. Afterwards, you can wait for your meals to be served in safe take-out containers! How easy is that? 

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And guess what? You may also order from virtual food hall Off-Grid while dining street-side. Feel the sun and joy fresh air while indulging on their outlets Papi Pares Pinoy, Kebabu, Binondo Hits, Taipei All Stars, Fowlbread, Please Senpai, Tabi Tabi, and Poison Doughnut outdoors. It is even possible to mix-and-match orders from The Grid and Off-Grid for a more indulgent and hassle-free dining experience.

Visit The Grid and off-Grid at Rockwell Streetside, Lopez Drive, Rockwell, Makati City every day from 8am to 9pm.

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