Love soft shell crab? Follow us to Japanese restaurant Zuma in Central to find out the secret recipe for their famous Dynamite Spider Roll

For crustacean lovers, nothing beats a tasty battered soft shell crab wrapped in vinegared rice and crispy seaweed to balance the richness and complement the sweetness of the crabmeat. At Zuma, the award-winning Japanese restaurant, the signature dish of dynamite spider roll is the best example of this ubiquitous sushi creation.

In the video above, Zuma’s executive chef Yoshi Muranaka gives us step-by-step guidelines, from how to prepare the perfect sushi rice and marinade to how to deep-fry soft shell crabs, plus all the culinary skills needed to make maki rolls. Follow chef Muranaka’s tips in our video and impress your dinner guests with this world-class starter.


Ingredients (one maki roll):

1 soft shell crab

5g shredded cucumber

1 tsp tobikko

1 tsp chili sauce

1 tsp wasabi sauce


Yuzu zest

1 sheet dried seaweed

Sushi Rice: 

80g rice

500ml water

100ml vinegar

50g sugar

20g salt



50ml soya sauce

50ml sake

50ml mirin

1 tsp grated ginger


Chili sauce:

100g mayonnaise

5g chili paste

5g roasted garlic paste

½ tsp lemon juice and zest


Wasabi sauce:

100g mayonnaise

10g wasabi

½ tsp lemon juice

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