Arron Rhodes of sustainable seafood restaurant Dot Cod demonstrates how to prepare this light and refreshing dish for the summer

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As we ease into the summer months, a whole new range of produce becomes available for the picking. The season calls for light, refreshing dishes to counter the heat and humidity outdoors, and so we paid a visit to Central’s sustainable seafood restaurant Dot Cod for an idea of what to cook.

Executive chef Arron Rhodes uses WWF-certified sustainable Madagascan prawns in this stunning yet simple dish, pairing it with a summer salad of carrots and baby squash with Thai-inspired flavours.

Watch the video below as chef Rhodes demonstrates how to cook the vibrant Madagascan prawn.



4 Madagascan prawns

50g baby spinach

2 tsp vinaigrette (juice of capsicum, vinegar, egg, olive oil)

25g carrot pearls

25g baby summer squash

Lime juice

Olive oil

Sea salt

Black pepper


For the sauce

Thai curry paste (fish sauce, shrimp paste, fresh lemongrass, lime leaves)

Fresh coconut milk



Videography by Tyrone Wu

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