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We love food here at Malaysia Tatler, from sitting down to a no frills breakfast at the local kopitiam with one of KL's most well-known chefs to dining haute cuisine at some of the most respected culinary havens in town, we're always on the prowl.

Not long after our recent inaugural T.Dining Best Restaurants 2018 awards, where we honoured 10 individuals and establishments that made an impact on the local dining scene, we decided start an entirely new Instagram account dedicated to everyone's favourite subject.

Today, we're officially launching @tatlerdiningmy, a space on Instagram for you to get your daily dose of gorgeous food shots, ideas on where to wine and dine and updates from the dining team at the publication.

The reason we started a new account was simple, we wanted to create a space and a community that revolved around finding, eating and talking about the best culinary experiences through beautiful imagery and videos. 

Follow us on Instagram, we're always ready to talk about food and would love to hear what our readers have to say about the latest food trends, restaurant hot spots and everything in between.

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