Our second offering on Tatler’s newest experiences platform is a pastry like no other

There are cakes, and then there are cakes. One of the more head-turning examples of the latter is undoubtedly the Caviar Cake, created in collaboration between Ricardo Chaneton’s Mono and homegrown farm-to-table caviar brand Nomad, and featured as our sophomore offer on Tatler Unlisted, a new platform introducing weekly exclusive lifestyle offers.

Crowning the cake is a 250 gram layer of Kaluga Hybrid Caviar, known for its large, firm pearls ranging in color from glistening bronze to golden brown, and imparting a distinctly delicate flavor that leads to a lingering, buttery finish. That’s not to mention caviar’s reputation as a nutrient-rich treasure trove of minerals, such as the anti-inflammatory Omega-3, and the immune-boosting, youth-preserving vitamins A, B12, C, and E.

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Nomad Caviar founder Jason Cohen settled on this particular caviar after personally visiting numerous farms around the world before finding a sustainable, farm-to-table production that upholds the highest standards in the industry. His produce is sculpted by the team at Jia Group’s modern South American restaurant Mono–headed by Mirazur alum Ricardo Chaneton–into a veritable culinary work of art.

The caviar finds a moreish foundation in a choice of two bases. The Blini Nomad Caviar Cake marries briny sea lettuce smoked cream with crunchy Japanese golden puff wheat, while the Fresh Red Crab Quiche elevates the classic French quiche lorraine with an infusion of Shaoxing wine. Clocking in at 650 grams in total, the Caviar Cake can easily serve 6-8 guests for as auspicious a start as any to your Lunar New Year.

Priced at HK$5,188, the Caviar Cake is bound to turn heads and spark dinner table conversation, making for a culinary centrepiece that will be talked about for years to come. Put in your order by 8 February 2021 to secure your cake for the upcoming holidays. Pick-up or delivery can be arranged for any date in February (black out dates: Monday 15th and 22nd; Sunday 21st and 28th).

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