Dining at Shangri-La's new Origin Grill is almost always a guilt-free exploit involving some of the most prized produce that figuratively and literally won't cost the earth. It was also what guests at the recent Tatler Table: Embracing Sustainable Dining lunch here got to learn more about. The luxury produce featured on the menu upheld the point that dining well can and should instinctively support a more sustainable approach to sourcing for our sustenance and pleasure. "Happy cows make better beef," bubbly chef de cuisine Heidi Flanagan declared, as she shared some of the unique qualities of the Williams River cross bred wagyu tenderloin the guests were enjoying. The specially-bred, 400-days grain-fed beef (with a marbling score of 5/6) was served topped with luscious bone marrow, beetroot confit, kale crisp and shallot jus. Eating well should always feel this good.

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