Check out the list of salad bars across the country taking salads to the next level

With the rise of the “spornosexual” movement and the increasing demand for healthier food alternatives, salads are now marketed as the fast food option for gym buffs and dieters. Especially with the popularity of farm to table dining in the country that boasts agriculture as one of its primary industries, salad options are placed at a pedestal in terms of the quality of ingredients, as much as its flavours and the creativity of execution. It is no wonder that salad bars and restaurants have started popping up on every corner, while existing restaurants are beefing up their salad menu with more options.

If you are looking for some amazing salad options to munch on, here are some of our recommendations:

Salad Stop

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With three branches currently located in Rockwell, Bonifacio Global City, and the Makati CBD, Salad Stop is making its salad invasion across the metro. Strategically located around some of the top fitness centres, it is the perfect pre-workout or post-workout stop for a lot of gym-goers. They offer the option of making a salad combo for the more discerning salad fanatics, but they also have set selections. Their menu features organic juices, yogurt, and chips to go with the salad.


Sonya’s Garden

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Opening her doors to the public in 1998, Sonya Garcia founded Sonya’s Garden which features an all-you-can-eat salad feast with ingredients that are grown within the vicinity. Since its opening, it has become a wedding destination and a haven for quick retreats from the metro, which is a result of being located in the heart of Tagaytay. Their selection of ingredients for the salad includes fresh fruits, leafy greens, tomatoes, onions, edible flowers and a secret sauce exclusively made in the restaurant.


Juju Eats

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Located in Manila’s top business districts, Makati, Quezon City, Mandaluyong and Pasig, Juju Eats has become the healthy option for the on-the-go executive. Partnered with Two Any One delivery service, their amazing salad selection with a touch of elegant fine dining cuisine is available for delivery across these cities, which makes being healthy more convenient than falling in line.


Bella’s Bites Soups and Salads

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If you find your way down south in Mactan, drive by the corner Quezon Highway and Lapu-Lapu Airport Road and drop by Bella’s Bites Soups and Salads. Though not particularly centred on salads, they have an excellent selection of greens to make sure diners don’t get stuck ordering the standard Caesar salad in the other restaurants in Cebu. The place is very low-key but the interiors have the feel and ambience of a third wave café, sure to match the decadent flavours in the menu.


Go! Salads

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Just opened in 2012, Go! Salads now has six branches across Metro Manila, specifically in SM Hypermarket Pasig, Katipunan, Eastwood, Strata 2000, Robinsons Beta and The Medical City. Also partnered with Two Any One delivery, Go! Salads has a delivery service catering across the cities where it’s found.  They have a selection of gourmet salads that are interesting for the palate, especially the Bayani Salad, which features Adobo flakes in the mix.


Green Pastures

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Though not particularly a salad place, it has a variety of salads in its menu aimed to complement the other healthy dishes in the menu. Located at the East Wing of Shangri La Plaza, Green Pastures is a haven within the bustling streets of Mandaluyong aimed at serving comfort food the healthy way. The restaurant does have a selection of salads, it also offers a DIY salad bar as well.