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The third collaboration at Tatler Dining Kitchen brings all the buzz and luxury of Krug into the heart of Haus, with two special tasting menus by executive chef Robin Zavou

Think back to the last great dinner party you attended and, most likely, the heart of the action was to be found in the kitchen—where your host-slash-chef may have been sipping a glass of wine while they put the finishing touches on the feast they had concocted just for you, the smell of something delicious luring new arrivals from front door to the stove. This convivial atmosphere, mixed with an experience underscored by only the finest food and wine, is the inspiration behind Tatler Dining Kitchen’s latest collaboration with Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong at Haus, the one-of-a-kind lifestyle space by Mercedes Benz, IWC Schaffhausen and Tatler Dining.

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The Krug Kitchen is an entirely new concept that welcomes diners to “our Haus”, where the world’s finest champagnes and fantastical food are to be enjoyed with joyful abandon. Step into The Krug Kitchen and discover a symphony of seasonal produce and playful interpretations of local classics by chef and Krug Ambassade Robin Zavou, where each inventive dish is best enjoyed with chilled glasses of Krug Grand Cuvée.

Zavou—assisted by Mandarin Grill’s chef de cuisine Simon Guthridge—has crafted two multi-course menus (one vegetarian) that kick off with Hong Kong-inspired bites that then lead into a symphony of dishes that showcase diverse ingredients, from Ping Yuen chicken to spiny lobster and Kyushu melon. A highlight is the chef’s exclusive Krug x Onion dish, which highlights the natural synergy between the champagne and the humble ingredient. Each week, the dessert will change to feature a different seasonal fruit—from mango to melon to peach.

The menu will also be complemented by Krug Grand Cuvée 169ème Édition, the latest release from the House of Krug; composed of 145 wines from 11 different years, it is an extremely expressive champagne that is the result of the capricious weather of 2013 and seven years agreeing in Krug’s cellars. Its notes of fresh florals, ripe and dried citrus, gingerbread spice, nuts and brioche lend it versatility when it comes to pairing with a menu as freewheeling as Zavou’s, which incorporates notes of pepper, kalamansi, tarragon and truffle.

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The Krug Kitchen 

Waffle: HK, Truffle, Parmesan
Uni: French Toast, Brioche, Beer
Cookie: Clam, Pepper, Squid

LOBSTER | Spiny, Champagne, Uni

ABALONE | Liver, Kalamansi, Lemon

ONION | Roscoff, Purée, Truffle

PING YUEN CHICKEN | Sweetbread, Molasses, Grains, YO Farm

KAGOSHIMA | Cabbage, Truffle, Fries

MANGO | Japanese, Lime, Sichuan / MELON | Kyushu, Confit, Pepper / PEACH | Tarragon, Quinoa, Liquor




Waffle: HK, Truffle, Parmesan
French Toast: Sweet Garlic, Brioche, Beer
Leek: Organic, Potato, Harissa

RATATOUILLE I | Roasted Eggplant, Black Garlic, Shallot

RATATOUILLE II | Zucchini Custard, Tomato Jelly, Pickled Zucchini, Basil Leaves

RATATOUILLE III | Roasted, Grilled Japanese Tomatoes, Sweet Pepper, Whipped Burrata

MUSHROOM | Shiitake, Maitake, Egg, Dashi

POTATO | BBQ, Heritage, Smoke, Truffle

MANGO | Japanese, Lime, Sichuan / MELON | Kyushu, Confit, Pepper / PEACH | Tarragon, Quinoa, Liquor



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The menu is available from Tuesday to Saturday starting 13 July until 31 July, 2021 and is priced at HK$1,488 with one glass of Krug Grand Cuvée, or HK$1,848 for two glasses. As the dinner is to be savoured, the last seating begins at 7:00pm to allow guests a relaxing 2.5 hours for the full experience.

The Krug Kitchen is the third chapter in Tatler Dining Kitchen’s frequently changing roster of unique dining experiences at the first floor of Haus, and follows on from The Arcane Collective (13 June to 10 July, 2021) and chef Antimo Maria Merone (9 March to 8 May, 2021). Don't miss the Illy At Haus coffee shop pop-up on the ground floor, which is open from 10:00am to 7:00pm, Monday to Saturday. Follow us on @tatlerdininghk and @tatlerdiningkitchen to hear more about upcoming pop-ups and chef residencies.

The Krug Kitchen @ Tatler Dining Kitchen, 1/F, Haus, 38-40 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

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