Lambat brings fresh local oysters from Aklan straight to your door!

Did you know that the Philippines produces some gorgeous oysters? Straight from Aklan, you can have fresh, chilled, juicy oysters for pica pica, in no time. 

Lambat was founded by Kriecia Espiritu and her business partners during the pandemic. Their original focus, career-wise, was in the events industry, which as we all know, has been put on hold. “Last July, we started to face the reality that this will last a bit longer than expected so we had to think of other ways to bring in the sales —possibly shifting away from events (for now).” 

So, they thought, what next? “Since the three of us are foodies and we love exploring new food, discovering hidden places with the most unique and creative dishes- we thought of venturing into the food business,” shares Kriecia. They wanted to bring local goodies that are more out of reach to us city-folk, straight to our homes. With travel bans in place, and their love of oysters in mind they thought, why not bring oysters to the people? “Being oyster lovers ourselves, we decided on trying to have fresh oysters from Aklan flown into Manila. Aklan is very famous for its usually large and very fresh and sweet oysters.” Another plus is that Lambat supports local farmers, bringing livelihood to the Filipino.  

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Aklan’s oysters vary in size but their sweet, buttery, milky and earthy notes from saline waters are carried through in each one. We’ve tried Lambat’s product and can confirm that they do arrive fresh and yes, they taste great! The oysters are large shelled, its meat is small-medium in size, and is full of flavour. 


How are they transported?

Oysters are a dish that must be eaten fresh or else they definitely won’t sit well with your system. Lambat’s goods are harvested before 6:00am, are boxed, chilled and flown to Manila. That same morning they are dispatched to clients. The oysters arrive in your home cold, in a neat black netting with the Lambat signature tag and logo.

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How should they be eaten?

Kriecia says that the oysters are best enjoyed raw with Lambat’s pickled onion sauce. “You can also bake them with our BGC (butter, garlic, cheese) sauce,” she adds.

Taste oysters as they are and pop them into your mouth without any additional sauce. You may also add a drop of vinegar with some diced onions. A dash for lemon juice also does wonders! Another option is to add some spice by putting a tad of chili sauce (tabasco, sambal)–but make sure to not put too much of any sauce so that you can still enjoy the oyster’s natural flavours! 

Serve them up with a bread basket and have a great meal.

More to the menu

Lambat has recently added scallops from Islas De Gigantes and rock lobsters from Quezon to their menu. Try them out and tell us what you think!

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