Promotion: Jun 20 - Dec 30 2021

Sunset Sessions is all about bespoke mixology, friendly prices, chilled vibes and epic views

Sunset Sessions is Cruise’s version of “happy hour”, but instead of the usual suspects they offer a unique selection of tailored mixology at very delicious prices. So what makes Sunset Sessions so special? Mixologist Mackenzie Ross has been fine tuning his craft at Cruise—the Canadian mix master has just launched some new concoctions that are available on the Sunset Sessions menu from 3:00pm to 7:00pm every day with each drink priced at just $78 per glass. Mack uses his outlandish palate to create new flavours and variations on the classics, with drinks that are designed to bring you back for more. With Mack it’s always flavour first, letting quality, seasonal ingredients guide him rather than swimming against the tide. His flavour profiles aim to be as natural and unpretentious as possible, while garnishes are minimal unless they add value to the beverage itself. Do not miss out on the Captain's favourite drink 'Drake Passionfruit'—a rum-based beverage with a perfect balance of passion fruit, lime and ginger—or 'Cha Cha Twist', a sake-based cocktail. For all the wine lovers out there Cruise is also offering selected wines in magnum format.