Cover Photo: Courtesy of Soil To Soul

The temple food-inspired concept is presented by the protégé of renowned Buddhist nun Woo Kwan

Korea’s famous Buddhist temple food-inspired cuisine is arriving at Soil To Soul, a contemporary Korean restaurant reinventing vegetarian cuisine with a modern touch. The venue is set to open at Tsim Sha Tsui’s K11 Musea this July 2020.

Celebrating the abundance of unique produce with a contemporary approach to healthy dining, Soil To Soul’s vegetarian fare is prepared with fresh, organic and plant-based ingredients. The restaurant will be headed by chef Gu Jin Kwang, a protégé of famous Korean nun Woo Kwan, who is also an expert in temple food. Gu mastered Korean temple food at Korea’s Mahayeon Temple Food Cultural Centre, where he learned food techniques and philosophy from Woo Kwan.

Located within the popular K11 Musea arcade, Soil To Soul spans over 3,300 square feet and seats 106 guests. Its décor is inspired by Chinese philosophical concept of five elements, with an abundance of wood in its flooring and furnishing throughout the space. Gu follows the Buddhist vegetarian cuisine approach and avoids the ‘five pungent herbs’ which include garlic, chives, onions, green onions, and leeks. The restaurant offers a range of set menus for lunch, a la carte selections, bar snacks, and also two dinner tasting menu consisting of six and eight courses respectively.

Aside from the tasting menu featuring temple food creations, Soil to Soul also offers a selection of Gu’s contemporary interpretations of the traditional fare, notably including signature dishes such as gluten-free Korean dumplings; yellow bell pepper cold soup with Korean kimchi; tri-colour pancake with courgette, carrot, and potato, as well as main courses such as blessed tofu skin pocket stuffed with sweet potato noodle and napa cabbage and sweet and spicy mushrooms with assorted vegetables.

Soil To Soul is set to open mid-July at K11 Musea.