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From chicken made from flour to cereal made entirely out of mini pancakes, here's everything you need to try from #foodtiktok

If you have yet to discover Tiktok, you are sorely missing out on hours of laughs, fantastic advice, life hacks, satisfying video compilations and the most incredible recipes you could possibly imagine. 

In fact, Tiktok is particularly wonderful because of just how helpful many of the videos are in real life. From helping you to change the way you have always been doing things to inspiring you to get organised, Tiktok is really everything you could possibly want in a social media app. 

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One thing we have been really obsessed with doing, especially as we stay home more under the new Phase 2 Heightened Alert, is to try out various food trends from Tiktok. Particularly, we've been enjoying trying vegan recipes as the world slowly moves towards attempting to consume less meat for our own health as well as for the sustainability of our environment. 

In fact, you can find a plant-based substitute for just about everything on Tiktok where food-lovers are getting more and more creative. 

If you want to get in on the action, keep reading to find out all about Tiktok's latest vegan food trends and how you can try them out for yourself at home.  

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1. Vegan Chicken

Above I Tried Making The Viral TikTok Vegan Chicken From Flour

Did you know that you can actually make 'chicken' out of just flour and water? When this recipe was put up on Tiktok by @futurelettuce, it absolutely blew up because no one could believe that it was possible.

However, using flour and water to make 'chicken' has been something that has been around for ages. It is traditionally called seitan and you make it by 'washing out' the starch in the flour to leave you with gluten. This is where your protein comes from. 

To make this, start by kneading all-purpose flour and water together to form a dough. Let this dough rest for an hour. Then, put the dough in a bowl of water and begin kneading it underwater. 

Once you have washed your dough enough, season it with whatever seasoning you would like. We highly recommend trying salt, pepper, garlic and paprika for the best flavours. Let it rest for another hour and your 'chicken' is ready to be eaten.

You can shred it to make shredded 'chicken', slice it up into a taco or tortilla wrap or even toss it into a stir fry. The possibilities are really endless with this recipe and the best part is that it still tastes really good.

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2. Nature's Cereal

Above Nature's Cereal

When @natures_food posted a video talking about nature's cereal, we were all a little bit sceptical. However, all it took was a stamp of approval from pop star Lizzo for this vegan breakfast dish to go absolutely viral. 

All you need to do is combine blueberries, strawberries and pomegranate seeds in a bowl and fill the bowl up with coconut water. You can add ice cubes as Lizzo does but that's totally optional. 

The result is an incredibly refreshing and healthy meal or snack and is sure to get you up and going in the morning. Lizzo is addicted and so are we.

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3. Baked Oats

Above Vegan blended baked oatmeal

Think about it. You have a super healthy and filling meal that is super easy to make and takes almost exactly like cake. No, that's not just a fantasy. In fact, Tiktok has perfected a fantastic baked oats recipe that is vegan, healthy and really delicious. The best part is that you only need a handful of ingredients that you probably already have on hand.

Start by taking rolled or quick oats, almond milk, maple syrup, almond butter, baking powder, cinnamon and sea salt and blend them all up. Stir in your chocolate chips after blending your mixture. 

Then, take your batter and pour it into a greased tin. Bake it at 350 degrees for 25 minutes and enjoy your delicious and nutrient-dense breakfast. 

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4. Tortilla Wrap

Above TikTok wrap hack 3 ways (vegan)

This tortilla trend did not start out being vegan but it is so easy and customisable that the vegan community quickly jumped on it and started giving us their delicious and healthy takes on this tortilla wrap hack. With more people looking for a quick lunch or breakfast idea as they work from home, this is something you certainly want to try. 

Start by taking a regular tortilla wrap, laying it out and using a knife to cut a slit up to the halfway mark on the wrap. You will then have four quadrants to fill with any filling of your choice.

For a quick breakfast wrap, try almond butter, avocados, berries, bananas or jam.

For a quick lunch or dinner, you can try tomato sauce, vegan cheese, mushrooms, spinach and more. The combinations are absolutely endless and really depend on your personal tastes. 

Once you have your fillings in, carefully begin folding your tortilla wrap. Start by folding a quadrant towards the top of the tortilla. Then fold it to your left and then down. 

Once you have it nice and folded, carefully transfer your tortilla to a pan or panini press and let it cook till it becomes slightly brown. Don't forget to flip it so both sides get cooked well. 

From there, simply enjoy your tortilla creation. There is flavour in every bite and we can promise you that you will not want to make anything else for a while.

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5. Pancake Cereal

Above Vegan Pancake Cereal | Vegan Mini Pancakes

Yes. You heard that right. Pancake cereal is a thing and we can guarantee that it is going to be your next obsession. Here's how you make it.

In a large bowl, combine flour, baking soda and baking powder and give it a mix. Then, add in non-dairy milk and mix it all up.

Pour your batter into a piping bag or medium-sized plastic bag and snip the edge off so you can pipe your batter out. Make sure the hole in your bag is not too big.

Then, in a non-stick frying pan, carefully squeeze coin-sized bits of batter onto the pan. Cook it till the bottom turns a light brown and flip it over. Repeat till you have as much pancake cereal as you wish.

Transfer your little pancakes into a bowl, top it off with maple syrup and vegan butter and you are good to go. A pro tip here is to eat your pancakes with a spoon and not a fork. It just works way better. 

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