Chef Josh Boutwood takes Savage back to the basics

“People expected me to re-open Savage with this entirely new menu and a plethora of dishes,” chef-owner Josh Boutwood shares. In truth, what he did was re-focus, and concentrate on the essence of what the restaurant was all about to begin with: cookery.

“I have had a lot of time to think about what Savage is and what we stand for. I realised that Savage had to grow up. It was in its adolescence and did not know where it was gonna go; left, right, or go cry in the corner. Now I feel that I can properly propel it in the right direction,” Boutwood dishes.

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During the lockdowns and period that Savage had been closed, Boutwood had time to re-centre his thoughts and really delve back into the DNA of the restaurant. At its very core, Savage is about exquisite produce and the methods in which they are cooked; fire, wood, charcoal and back-to-basic cooking methods are the pillars on which the concept stands. “Yeah, we have some tech to help us out but it's all about simple cooking. No bells and whistles,” Boutwood adds.

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The menu this time around is leaner, allowing Boutwod to showcase the best produce he can get his hands on. He’s spent a great deal of effort scouring the country for suppliers that had exactly what he needed and ingredients that roused inspiration - so why not make them the stars? “We have slightly updated our chicken with Thai basil dish, by, well, finding a happier chicken,” he told me with a chuckle.

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With ingredients taking centre stage, there is nowhere to hide; know-how and flavours will be under a magnifying glass for diners to savour. As Boutwood told me that both "produce and process have been elevated" this time around, I couldn't help but feel the excitement and lingering curiosity about tasting every single item off the menu.

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